Police: Man raped woman he met on Christian dating website

Just thought this was news worthy - you have to be very careful online.

(CNN) -- A California man is accused of raping a woman he met on a Christian dating website -- and police fear there may be other victims.

Sean Banks, 37, met the victim on the matchmaking website Christianmingle.com, where he went by the user name "Raritiy," La Mesa Police said in a statement.

Banks used three additional online identities -- "Rylan," "Rylan Butterwood" and "Rylan Harbough" -- and police said they are concerned "there may have been more cases with other women."

ChristianMingle touts a safety section that includes a warning to avoid contact with members who cannot take "no" for an answer.

Police: Rape suspect prowled dating site

The site is cooperating with the investigation, CNN affiliate KSWB reported.

Banks was arrested February 11 and has been booked on two rape charges in the incident as well as one count of residential burglary, police said.

He has pleaded not guilty and is free on his own recognizance after posting $500,000 bail.

Who's who on the Internet? Who knows


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I agree Joan - religion is the biggest scam of all.

The good news is, men and women both have to learn how to discern and make judgments to prevent or reduce vulnerability. We are never safe, secure and stable, but we can work toward those ends. If one is a victim, he/she has a hard time recovering. If one is an agent, he/she will think and act, knowing there are lions and tigers in the jungle, figuratively, and be cautious and if victimized, get up and get going. 

OK, OK, Alan, you don't know the words for "...they get whatever they allow."


Besides, women have no doubt used Jesus to get into men's bank accounts long before the Internet.


Other crimes besides rape happen with online dating.  I read about scams on online dating sites.  People have online "love affairs", the scammer pretends to be in love with the victim, then they start pressuring them for money or they do some kind of scam.

People get hurt emotionally that way as well as ripped off.

Also it's easier for someone to pretend by email

That's true Luara, you have to be careful who you talk with online. You never should give anyone any money online - it might be a scam.

shit he's a ringer for hitler youth yikes.. see BTK movie and the Ed Gein? story; netflix? both serial killr. both (btk forsure) xtian fundy church member etc..

extended families are good. atheist groups are good. common sense is good. 2nd amendment with a side of 1st; got this USA as far as it's gotten and seems to be where many come to hide from worse situation overseas.. jus sayn

It's not safe in church either.  So many stories of violence and sexual abuse by priests, ministers, pastors, and youth pastors.  Like this one today on google news.  NJ pastor convicted of stabbing his long time mistress, who was also a minister.

Absolutely no one should be surprised by this story.  Religious people are no more moral than anybody else.  It's just that they don't know that, which is why this particular story made the news despite all the other rapes that occur daily in our society. 

On a deeper level, this also shows how religion itself is portrayed in the media as being victimized and worthy of getting special attention.  A christian raping another christian from a christian dating site?  I'm not surprised, but christians naively think that's not supposed to happen, which is why it made the news.  Are the rapes that occur outside the confines of a christian dating site not equally significant?  (A rhetorical question, my friends.)  

Paraphrasing a few well-spoken, ...typed words from The Flying Atheist...

...but xians naively hope it won't happen.

Why do I say "...naively hope it won't happen"?

Because, even decades after twelve years in Catholic schools ("Thanks, Dad! NOT!!!") and quitting all religion, I remember the dogmas (original sin, etc) that blocked my attempts to build some self-esteem.

There were times when I felt safer with other Catholics.

Yeah, there were a few boys who would become gangsters or lawyers, but they were easy to avoid.

What had me worried? The unpredictable stuff that my hormones were driving me toward.

Are adult survivors of Catholic schools more horny than adult survivors of public schools?

Or is it a genetic thing?

In my transition out of religion and a former marraige I tried the christian dating sites- and the guys I got to know well enough to start forming tentative relationships with were without exception- were all kinds of messed up sexually. Take that for what it's worth, just one woman's expereince. 




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