really? c'mon.. as I sated on fbook folks:

"son of a... see, that's why we have separation of church state; case # 29346!"

is it fake propaganda? is it real? is anything related to religion really real and worthy of time wasting anymore?

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What a fucking lunatic! If he really just wanted to commit suicide, there are far easier ways to do it than crucifying yourself. I guess maybe he wanted to "identify" with Jesus. Which, if this is the case, he failed since Jesus didn't really commit suicide (although his death kinda was like suicide in many ways). Anyway, I'm glad I don't have to be bat shit crazy like this. I have the freedom to think!
I really have to look with doubt on such a story-suicide by self-crucifixion--even with the instruments mentioned still seems a bit on the impossible side.  More probably murder or at least he must have had some help(unless,of course,it was a MIRACLE). 


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