I try mostly to refrain from political debates. Although I can find many legitimate reasons to hold my ground, I can never keep that solid footing once the debate begins. My mind just goes blank. Anyway, I am wondering about the typical political standing for Atheists because I have noticed that the majority of Republicans seem to be fundamentalist Chrsitians. I personally prefer not to side with either, but I must say that I do often find many reasons not to like the Republicans very much. Especially since they seem to believe that you have to agree with them or just get out. Never caught that vibe off any democrat.

So what are you?

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I don't think most Americans would describe the political scene this way.

Non-Americans even less so. How many other countries do you know where people would describe the political scene as a bipartisan system opposing 'Republicans' to 'Democrats'? I can't think of any at the moment. Every other country seem to have at least a major party with 'National', 'Labo(u)r', 'Social', 'Socialist', 'People', or something similarly 'exotic' in its name.

Besides, only a citizen of the United States would dare to ask a question like that in a general forum without clarifying their own nationality first ;-)
Alas, we don't have a parliamentary system with multiple parties coming and going.

Each system has its advantages and its drawbacks. When more than two parties have their say on the political scene, it's sometimes a nightmare to achieve a ruling majority in a parliamentary system, and even when you succeed at it, your government is often hampered by the many compromises you have to make with your political 'allies' to get their votes. Just look at Israel or Belgium these days.
I'd fit in Paris.

I'd rather fit in Angelina.
I`m a leftist, which means I want to change the way our economies work to produce a better society. I`m also techno- progressive. My vote goes to the "Linkspartei" here in Germany, the outer left party in the Bundestag.
It has been my observation that those who really think for themselves end up leaning toward the democratic side. Thank-you everyone for explaining your views, and even more thanks for not letting the question become a political debate. I've noticed that politics in America lead to worse fights than religion, these days.
I've noticed that politics in America lead to worse fights than religion

Both tend to be so intertwined it's hard to tell the difference.
How could you forget Joseph McCarthy? ;-)
It's not that most Republicans are Fundie Christians, but it's the other way around. Most Fundie Christians are Republicans. They are also the loudest Republicans. They're the ones you see all the time. I think atheists are overall more liberal, though I could be wrong.

I'm not sure what I am, party-wise. I don't like being part of a party, however I am very liberal.
I offer the saddening observation that Americans face the political choices of religion or the nanny state, a disheartening pair of alternatives to those few of us who do not want either one. The dilemma has been polarizing us for decades into redoubts of mutual hatred. The burning issue prior to the outbreak of war in 1861 was not much hotter or more intolerant than what divides us now.

Republicans present themselves as advocates of public fiscal and individual responsibility but rarely practice what they preach. Democrats promote the power of the collective, especially government, and more consistently follow through with what they advocate. That makes republicans the more hypocritical of the two.
I consider myself a centrist. But when it comes to voting, it really is up in the air. I just weight my chooses and chose the lesser of two evils. Both of the two major parties have their flaws, but someone has to win. I don't always break to the left or the right, it all depends on who is running and their ideas.
All of you are right and not so in my opinion. There are good ideas of Democrats as well as Republicans. With an exemption of anything in regard to religion and etc. what Reps are trying to push, their ideas are better then Dems. Less government, lower taxes, better economy potential vs. more government, higher taxes and ruined future of our children and grandchildren and constant spending.
I came from Poland and I know what means a communist style government. I was one of those people who stopped that communist garbage. I am an atheist, but not a communist, so I do not agree with current US government raping our kids future. Saying so, I believe atheists not only in US, but all across the world should work on formation of Atheists political Party. Atheists are smart people, so we can form a party with a best of ideas from all parties.
It won't work, because atheism is not a political stance. Socialist atheists will join a socialist party, classical liberal atheists will join a liberal party, and so on: you will never reconcile antagonist ideas like these. In the end, your Atheist Party will be one for the apolitical or politically undecided, which kind of defeats the point of a political party.




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