Politician's use of religion to justify their views

I was just watching a documentary on pbs about the anti immigrant laws passed in Arizona. It's just fascinating to see how politicians use religion to justify dehumanizing a group people, and the idiotic masses that fall for it.

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I agree, Alex. Also, most people would not know an illegal alien if he bit them in the ass! Not many Americans know anything of immigration law.

Yes, it's disgusting. Usually the GOP is guilty of this blatant abuse, and Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio hosts shamelessly repeat their views as "news". You should see sites such as Infowars.com where idiots like Alex Jones and his loonies push all sorts of trash like that. Fear-mongering seems to be what the GOP does best, and it works. They need a boogeyman to distract us from the real issues and Latinos are It, sadly. I guess terrorists aren't scary enough anymore.

Unfortunately, my brother is among those idiot masses - and he lives in Arizona. It's part and parcel of the right wing propaganda. There has to be an enemy to demonize - real or imagined. The existence of 'enemies' keeps the faithful in line. And, it also keeps the leaders in power. Who else will protect you from the 'enemies' such as illegal immigrants, gays, non-believers, liberalists, etc., ad nauseum? One of the amazing facts (and yes, the extremists abhor facts) is that current immigration from Mexico is at net zero. Are their dangerous drug smugglers coming across the Rio Grande? Absolutely. The thing is, they're also coming in from JFK Airport in NYC, and through Detroit from Ontario. Xenophobia, homophobia, religious intolerance, and other forms of fanaticism are forever busy, and need feeding. Arizona is just the current example of a much larger problem that humanity has been plagued with for millenia. Intolerance for others not of the same skin color, mindset, or religious belief.

Pat, my entire family are in that category. Religion has them voting againsttheir bbest interest in the name of their God.
Religion is used to justify any bs a politician cares to throw out there. A couple of days ago Chris Hayes showed a clip of a Republican quoting a bible verse about people helping themselves,not taking a government hand out is what it amounted to, yet this same congressman was/has/and is collecting millions in farm subsides. Religious bullshit at its finest.

I see little difference between some Republicans/Tea Party/others who use lies and fear to generate hatred and bigotry among their members to dehumanize immigrants and other minorities than what the NAZI Party did to dehumanize Jews, the mentally ill, gypsies and others. As of now it's only in degree.

The sad thing is that their lies and fear mongering are quite obvious, but a lot of people choose not to analyze what is being said, they just want to hear whatever will agree with the prejudices they already have. 

What is really weird is that there are so many scriptures that say be kind to the strangers in your land.




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