It is astounding people still think this way.

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Does mainstream America want stonings? Regardless of what someone thinks about gays and gay marriage, this is one sick SOB. The problem is, more and more people like him are being elected these days. Why? Are we going backward in time? Do we need the morality and laws of bronze age goat herders?The only thing left then is to drop "god" right in the middle of it.

I'm surprised that we do not have modern day shootings that astound everyone until the shooter explains that the victim had clothing of 2 types of fabric.

Michael, unfortunately, modern day shootings do not astound most anyone, anymore. We, as a nation, have seemingly become resigned to mass public killings. It's this type of atmosphere where demagogues and charlatans like Esk in Oklahoma can successfully prey on the fears of people by demonizing victims and lauding the immoral.

I hate to Godwin this, but I'm currently finishing up the first volume of a two volume biography of HItler by Ian Kershaw. The similarities are astounding,

Is it radical of me to assert that, when a government official allows religion to show itself so blatantly in his attitude, that he should be either censured or voted out of office?  Problem is, of course, if we did that, probably half to three-quarters of the representatives of the Deep South would be sent packing before you could blink!

I get too much of this time of news on my RSS.  It wears me down.  Even when I was young, I didn't get why people obsess so much over other people's characteristics.  I didn't understand why people were racist, and I didn't understand why women couldn't be equal, and I didn't get the obsession over gays. 

I had kind of a loss of innocence some time back in the workplace.  Which is interesting, that I had any innocence left to lose.  But it was this - for all the talk about how hard it is to do it, and how stressful, some of the managers seem to get joy out of firing people.  There is some kind of sadistic thrill.  And that's the same thing I see here.   This guy just gets off on meanness.  If it wasn't gays, it would be someone else.  Being a prick turns him on.

I don't know why, but for some people righteous indignation is a drug. They get real joy out of putting down others, especially if they can find a justification for it in the Bible.

Today, while waiting in the car, I noticed some printouts put in the side pocket (with the maps) by my mother-in-law. She had printed up four pages' worth of bible quotes, most of which she seemed to have modified.

One of them (Matt 26-ish?) said something about fighting against atheism, fatalism, occult, laissez-faire attitudes, etc. If she ever asks me about those printouts (doubt she will), I will sincerely ask what her problem is with atheism, among all those other things.

The drawback is that she probably craves an argument excuse for tyrannical preaching and hatred-spewing.

Indeed this hatred definitely reminds me of Hitler, and I even told my sympathetic co-worker that many christians would probably LOVE to see people like myself and my husband publically assasinated.

The guy, a Republican of course, is running for election  to the state legislature.

He has to appear confident, but with little self esteem he feels a need to pander.

He's a pitiful character, but with a leader he can obey he might be dangerous.

Mindy what bothersme most is the fact there are gay people living among family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, who vote for this asshole. How must ir feel to know that so many people around you find you disgusting, vile, and worthy of death via violence by groups of those people?

here's a question - why isn't this a bigger news story?  i saw this during the week as it made its way around progressive blogs, but it didn't garner any national attention.  why not?  this man is vying to be an elected official in this country.  if this was a big story on the national news it would lead to some serious questions about the modern conservative movement.

In my opinion it very well should lead to some serious questions about the modern conservative movement! I make things like this known to friends and relatives (some of which are conservative) and they don't know. It's like they don't want to talk about it.

Somebody should. If the media was doing their jobs they should.




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