It is astounding people still think this way.

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My speculation is it only matters to the people who he is pandering to. and to the people who are shocked. That he likes shocking people, and pandering. And that most people dont give a damn,

With all the news about Beyoncé and the Olsen twins to contend with a politician these days has a hard time getting attention unless he says something outrageous. Politics is mostly about getting yourself noticed. What you are noticed for or what you think doesn't register much with people.

Then we should elect Kim snd Kanye to the senate. of course, they woul have a drastic cut in income, unless the grocery tabloids and Yahoo can pay their millions into a blind trust.

Well, Ronald Reagan got elected governor of California and President. Bedtime for Bonzo was not held against him.

We should start a "draft Kimye" campaign. I believe they are Cali residents, so they are all yours. With them in congress, people would finally pay attention to the workings of govt. Or stop paying attention to Kimye. I call that win win.

You could start by electing one of them governor. California likes electing actors with minimal or no talent, as you point out.

Esk describes himself as “100% pro-life” and “100% Traditional Family Values” on his campaign website and says, “I look forward to applying Biblical principles to Oklahoma law.” Says it all, doesn't it. Theocracy will replace democracy if we are not careful. This is precisely what Rev. Mike Huckabee said when he bowed out of the presidential elections. These people are Dominionists either by accident or design. They are Dangerous Lunatics.

Unfortunately we live in times where the gullible believe that "biblical principals" should be applied to our laws. This is taken as a good thing but I'm afraid we are going to start burning witches again. Perhaps we already are.

No, not burning, but the Oklahoma politician who says we should start stoning homosexuals is hardly alone in that position. And the article makes a point of his usde of biblical scripture to support his cause. The real problem is the rise of evangelical theocracy.

If Scott Esk wants to stone people for being gay, can we stone Esk when he bears false witness in Congress?  I mean come on - fair's fair!

I'll go to my old stand by, religion is the root of all evil.



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