Politics. Where Can People Better Perfect Their Ability to Fool the Innocent (the Naive)?

Donald Trump doesn’t try to conceal his lies. Most politicians do. For one instance of many, JFK.

“If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.”

Who debunks Kennedy better than the GOP, which for most of its history has taken from the poor to give to the rich?

Kennedy did it again with his “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask instead what you can do for your country.”

In the 1787 Constitutional Convention, Alexander Hamilton said he wanted the “rich and well born” to govern. Plug his term into Kennedy’s line and we may lose some of our innocence.

“Ask not what the rich and well born can do for you. Ask instead what you can do for the rich and well born.”

I am of course making a case for adding the direct initiative and referendum to the US Constitution and to the constitutions of the thirty two states that do not now have them. What are your feelings and thoughts?

What are some of the lies you know politicians have told? What effects have their lies had?

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As long as politics is subverted by mass media manipulation funded by the oligarchs, and corrupt political processes, direct initiative and referendum won't do much good. Take Missouri and Oklahoma, which have both. Are they leaders in public responsibility?

Suggesting that the problem is media and oligarchs contains truth, but isn't the full truth.

It's like saying "all politicians lie," or "both parties are corrupt."  We've seen graphs showing that yes, all politicians lie, but some lie vastly more than others, and who they are.  The best Republican is just a hair more truthful than the worst Democrat.  And both parties take NRA money, but the Republicans take over 90% of it.

The people can own and control the Democratic party if we really want to.  It takes vigilance and effort. 

Oh.  And Hamilton was the prototype for the Republican party. 

Thanks, Jerry. I quit my reply when I saw I would have to deal with four issues.

- The ambiguity of “...won’t do much good”.

- Whether those two states have Repub or Dem majorities.

- The final rhetorical question.

- The relation of “public responsibility” to democracy.

If "direct initiative and referendum won't do much good" what will? Is it mobs in the streets, setting rubber tire barriers on fire, blockading the endeavors of the oligarchs? 

I agree with whoever said the best remedy for democracy is more democracy.

Revolutions usually replace tyrants with other tyrants.

America’s rebellion against England replaced a monarchical tyrant with wealthy oligarchs.

James Madison realized that a bill of rights would divide the Constitution’s opponents. His Federalist allies naively opposed him for a while, saying they wouldn’t exceed the powers the Constitution gave them.

Power is ALWAYS eventually abused. Angels don’t exist.

Good question. Your restatement of JFK's "Ask instead what you can do for the rich and well born.” with the unearned trust people place in our politicians requires the electorate lose their innocence, wake up to the necessity of participatory government. 

You discussed direct initiative and referendum in earlier comments; I don't know how one initiates such actions. Where do I go to learn about them? 

Joan, the most objective source may be the Sec’y of State’s office, unless like some bureaucrats they don’t want to be bothered.

Because the DI and R take power from legislative bodies, legislators — state or local — may be less objective.

To learn about starting an initiative, check with a League of Women Voters or Sierra Club activist. Taxpayer organizations are interested but ignore the angry conservatives. On social issues they can be just plain mean.




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