43.3% of people think that God helps Tim Tebow

Does this mean that those same 43.3% think that Tebow is utterly useless without God?

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Maybe. But it also means that when God helps the Broncos win, it's because the other team didn't pray enough or something so ridiculous. It's so hard for me to believe that people could actually believe this kind of baloney if they use their brains and just think about it a bit. God lets babies die and people suffer and wars rage on and earthquakes kill and animals go extinct....but he's helping Tim friggin' Tebow win a football game? That's a god I want nothing to do with.

It's a shame I'm not there.  I'd be the one to give her the negative response.  I don't bring up religion at work, but if others do, they're going to get it with both barrels, in response.

The breakdown of significant characteristics, by race and party affiliation, is about what we would expect, though.

I know absolutely nothing about American football and I could rattle off players names that I know on one hand. But I do who Tebow is and what he does. Unfortunately I can't avoid him. Every news site that I go to, he is there. The whole point being is that I don't actively search for sports news, just general world and local news. But he is still in my face whether I am interested in him or not.

I would like a 'delete' or 'hide' button for my internet so that I may place Kardashian, Lohan and Tebow in that filter, just to name a few. I think it ridiculous that I know a sports figure so well because of his religion. I don't even know what team he plays for or what position he plays - other than his now famous 'pose'. Does he have team mates? coaches? or is it just him and the lord on the field?. Please don't answer that - I don't really want to know.

Isn't that considered cheating?

maybe the NFL should make God is a performance enhancing drug. 

Sadly, if asked why god goes on making severly retarded children, you will likely get an answer along the lines of......"We can not comprehend God's mysterious4 ways." 

Why would anyone worship a god that helps Tim Tebow win football games, but sat out the Holocaust?

God didn't sit out the holocaust. He was helping out the Germans. I remember something to the effect of "Gott mit uns" on Nazi belt buckles.

It was PRECISELY "GOTT MITT UNS" - "God With Us".

As for Sunday last against the Pats ... I think god was shooting 18 holes at Pebble Beach or something. Yeah, he was distracted by an approach shot he missed on 11 ... yeah, that was it.

i think God was busy getting ready for his big day -Sunday Funday.  i'm sure he wanted to help out Timmy, but with a billion Christians about to pray like crazy, thousands of priests offering up Holy Water and (yummy) Communion Wafers to be sanctified, and his dissappointing 19 (53 under par) to reflect upon, he just had too much on his plate.   




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