Poll Shows 29% of Americans Believe Armed Revolution May Become Necessary

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Correct me if I am wrong but I believe these 29% are extreme right wing conservatives.  Apparently, they only listen to right wing media that feed them with these ideas.  Some are collecting stores of guns and ammunition and are probably just itching to put them to use against the "govment" that is out to get them.  Add these to a few jihadists like those two in Boston and law enforcement has their work cut out for them.  Having a governor like the one in Texas who talks about secession from the union and the NRA presently meeting in Texas threatening politicians to vote for lax gun laws doesn't help to quell these extremist beliefs.

Actually when I say 29% of Americans, I'm referring to Americans of all political views other than Republican. An additional 44% of Republicans believe armed revolution may become necessary at some point. All together that equals 73% of Americans believe armed revolution may become necessary. What a scary state of affairs !

All together that equals 73% of Americans believe armed revolution may become necessary

No. The math doesn't work like that. For example, if Republicans constituted 33% of all Americans, then non-Republicans would constitute 67%. Then the percentage of all who believed in the necessity of armed revolution would be:

(.29)(.67) + (.44)(.33) = .3395 

or slightly more than one third of all. In any case the figure is always going to be in between 29% and 44%.

Math was my worst subject in school. My bad.

I wonder what the response would have been if this was asked at the height of the civil rights era.  Say, 1968?  Or in the 1930s.

I would add the 1860s but we know what happened then.

This is an argument the NRA has been promoting because it justifies the need for citizens to own assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons with large magazines. Those weapons are not used for hunting and there is really no reason a civilian needs them—unless he is joining with others to fight the government. This is an extreme view.

In writing the court's opinion in District of Columbia v. Heller, Justice Scalia stated:

"Like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited. From Blackstone through the 19th-century cases, commentators and courts rou­tinely explained that the right was not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose." 

This is where they see the danger—the law is not on their side when it comes to questions of limitations on the right to bear arms. They need a justification that goes beyond the law into the realm of revolution.

I have been writing about the dumbing down of USA; the other day I ran across some videos of really foolish people who claim the same thing but for different reasons. They were the Phyllis Schlafly's, Alex Jones' and Charlotte Iserbyt's of the world. 

While I continue to claim USA has been deliberately dumbed down, I will find different words and concrete examples of that to which I refer. 


This dumbing down leads me to despair.  There has always been a lower-common-denominator.  What I mourn is the loss of a higher ground.  

Sometimes I think if I see the word "hugely' in one more news article, I could scream.  Also, any news page that includes celeb "news" should be thrown in the wastebasket without reading.  I resent knowing what a "Kardashian" is.  

The "armed rebellion" stupidity is part of that dumbing down.

The Texas House passed a dozen new gun laws today—among them one permitting students to carry guns in college classrooms and another "nullification" law exempting the state from any future federal gun laws. Membership in the NRA has increased to 5 million following the shootings at Newtown and all the conservatives who hope to run for President on the Republican ticket have promised to support the NRA position.

The conclusion has to be that Americans are violent gun-loving people who are willing to subvert the Constitution and place states above the federal government when it comes to gun laws, no matter the cost to public safety.

I don't know if I should be embarrassed or not, but I don't know what a "Kardashian" is; a country? or religion? a car?

Why do I get the feeling that a considerable portion of that 29% are 2nd Amendment absolutists and Tea Party provincials who, because they aren't getting their way, want to play 52-Card-Pickup with the United States government?  How many of these think that Obama is a Kenyan socialist or that Sarah Palin is more knowledgeable about foreign policy than Hillary Clinton?  Can I ask what may seem like a rhetorical question by throwing out if any of them are Democrats???

There is a commonality of mindset to be found here in all the issues I've mentioned.  To me, THAT is what is scary.  It's a point of view based on an insistence on misinformation or utter LACK of information.  It is a dogmatic mindset which all too closely resembles religion and is every last bit as dangerous.  That it is in the minority doesn't change the fact that it is a segment of society that we owe it to ourselves to watch like a hawk.

To amplify Anthony's alarum, there are about eight or nine states that have passed "nullification" laws based on the political philosophy of John C. Calhoun, the worst sort of rebel apologist.  I think Missouri is the latest.  These people actually believe they can simply tell the federal government to fuck off: "We will not go along with any federal law with which we disagree."  Mostly, these are states where the Tea Party Repubs have taken over the state government.  I think Oklahoma must be another one:

If I may make a modest proposal: Why don't the other states simply expel the nullificationists, cut them off from all federal funding (which only means more for the rest of us, as these states have the highest teen pregnancy rates and highest crime rates and so forth). No more block grants for fixing infrastructure, paying police and educators, &c. &c. &c.  Let's see how far their Calhounist position will take them.


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