Poll Shows 29% of Americans Believe Armed Revolution May Become Necessary

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James, this is an old proposal but I think there is some real merit to it. If a state wants to live by state's rights rules, let them! Encourage them! Empower them! Leave the rules and regs of USA participation, and take on their own state/nation. Those who believe in equality of opportunity, and fair tax laws will benefit.
Here is your proposal, James M. Martin:
"If I may make a modest proposal: Why don't the other states simply expel the nullificationists, cut them off from all federal funding (which only means more for the rest of us, as these states have the highest teen pregnancy rates and highest crime rates and so forth). No more block grants for fixing infrastructure, paying police and educators, &c. &c. &c. Let's see how far their Calhounist position will take them."

My wife is one of those 29% and I don't feel all that much differently myself.  Liberals live in a glass cage.  They have no idea what is really believed and talked about down on the lowest levels of the American classes.  Being poor, living with the generational poverty that characterizes West Virginia and other states that are at the bottom wrung ecomically and socially and in ever way...how many times to you read polls showing West Virginia at the bottom?  

You understand, you know what your neighbors think and you think that way as well.  West Virginia hosted the Battle of Blair Mountain...the last armed insurection against the US Government.  My Grandfather fought with the Miners in the violent years.  We know the gun and dynamite.

And we've got no problem with using them again.

You think it can't happen...you think it won't happen...

You're wrong.

You all want to dismiss this as some kind of rumbling from the 'usual suspects.'

It isn't.

It's real and it is coming.  You want to avoid war?  Then you're going to first have to admit that the possiblity is real.  Until you do that, then all you are doing is jacking off to the same old liberal porn.

Unfortunately, it's the conservatives who are at fault for your "Being poor, living with the generational poverty that characterizes West Virginia and other states that are at the bottom wrung ecomically and socially and in ever way...how many times to you read polls showing West Virginia at the bottom?"  It is entirely conservative policies that have screwed this country up, as the Overton window has gone so far right that "Democrat" is "center right" and "Republican" is "batshit insane".  Liberal policies--real liberal policies at the center-left that has been shut out of the debate--have proven time and time again to alleviate all of these things you talk about, but ignorant right wing assholes feel their right wing ideology is more important and that if we keep deregulating the rich and robbing the poor to feed the aristocrat, and treat all (non-rich) citizens uniformly like criminals or animals to "catch the bad guys" (for some reason, they think that waiving one's civil rights is a truly American civic duty, one of the most terrifiying examples of doublethink I've seen in this sorry country), and otherwise screwing the people who need help most, then everything will magically work out in the end.  It will not.  Conservative policies will dig our holes deeper and deeper--as the situation of the dyed-in-the-wool red states is proving time and time again--and the only one jacking off to porn are the conservatives themselves, thinking they are being hurt not by their own political leaders who regard them as little more than livestock, but by the fact that a black man is now President and they can't justify their pathetic lives vicariously anymore by saying to themselves "sure, I may have a black manager, but at least no n%#$& will ever be the most powerful man in the free world!"

Thanks to conservatives, the rich corporations own the political process and democracy is no more.  Take a look at the Drug War:  the majority of Americans want it ended and MJ legalized, but a handful of rich assholes profiting off the Drug War are considered more important than the will of the majority of Americans.  And now that their conservative policies have managed to tank our entire country, the conservatives want to blame the liberals who haven't been able to get a word in, much less do anything, in about thirty years or so (since Dems are just Republican lite since about Reagan--even Clinton was Republican lite)? 

The conservatives have had total power for thirty years, and their policies have failed.  And now they are trying to blame everyone else for their own failure.  Why am I not surprised?

I sometimes think it might have to come to armed revolution, but unfortunately nearly no liberals feel the same way.  The only people wanting to go to armed revolution are the ones who want to destroy America and install some right-wing capitalist libertarian "I got mine, fuck you" totalitarian state and write their ugly prejudices into law and blame the minorities and feminists for all their inevitable failures.  The only ones pushing for armed revolution are the conservatives who have fucked us all over, but fucked themselves over more than anyone in the process, and can't stand to admit they have failed.

At some point there will have to be a Supreme Court judgment on recent nullification laws passed in several states and it will definitely go against the states. This issue has been adjudicated in many instances from the earliest history of the Constitution and always in one way: federal laws supersede state laws and no state can declare a federal law unconstitutional on its own authority.

The notion that states retain some form of sovereignty that allows them to nullify federal laws has never won out no matter what the issue—tariffs, slavery, civil rights—but the tension has remained, showing that federalism has real structural problems that law alone cannot obviate.

For a moment let's pretend the 29% figure is accurate.

The 71% have been ignoring the 29%'s concerns. Their bad.

The cliche says talk is cheap. Count on many of the 29% to let a very few of their number do the hard work (the bleeding and dying) of revolution.

Count also on even fewer of the 29%, and a very few of the 71%, to position themselves to reap any gains a revolution wins.

Okay, end of pretend; let's return to reality.

What was it you wanted us to do, Anthony?

As a Brit, I look in on American politics and cultural attitudes from the other side of the pond, with a fascination akin to " what are those crazy bastards going to do or say next"! It amazes me the small horizons of so many, the lack of general knowledge, the infantilism and bottom scraping intelligence evident in much of the partisan discussions. I find it almost impossible to believe that Fox News exists and continues to spew out such blatant rubbish and that any part of the public accepts it.
The fixation on guns also interests me. I like using guns on a range, it's a real boy's toy thing, but that was in a controlled and disciplined environment and the thought that they could be anywhere and everywhere is a nightmare. As to this armed revolution bit, that is both ludicrous and dangerous garbage, and the purveyors of such crap ought to be locked up as a matter of public safety and it would give an opportunity to test the sanity of such moral pigmies.
What is the matter with public education? Why is it failing so badly?

Christopher, American politics has several times since 1776 become crazy, but wanting to keep this reply brief I will identify only the decades-long ailment that brought the Republican Party down.

In the final years of the Eisenhower presidency (1953-1961), far right Repubs started ridding the Party of its moderates. To replenish its members they recruited Southern Dems (whose ancestors had owned slaves) and these Southern Dems brought their racism into the Party with them. (Remember, the Repubs of the 1860s had freed the slaves.)

To replenish its members more, Reagan in the early 1980s invited evangelical Christians into the Party without first counting them. They outnumbered the remaining moderates and took over the state Repub parties. This is why Romney had to pretend he was conservative (to win nomination in the states) and run as a moderate (to win the November general election, which he did not do). So the Repub Party Christians, who cannot compromise, brought the Party down.

BTW, I was one of the moderate Repubs who now doesn't want a political party to bring me religion.

Tom, bringing the southern Democrats into the Republican party is called the "Southern Strategy" is it not? 

Joan, pandering to southern whites' fear of black empowerment was as much a part of that strategy as any other single factor.  It was then; I'm convinced that it continues to be a contributing factor now.

Yes, and was often referred to as Nixon's Southern Strategy. He was very much an activist before he ran for president in 1968.

Christopher, when I travelled through Europe I was, frankly, alarmed by the anti-USA sentiment from north and south and east and west. The first time I went, I was startled, came home and did my homework, and returned several times with a better understanding of their sentiments and why. Most citizens here do not understand that. Even the tourists come back telling stories of how much Europe loves USA. Not where I went. Perhaps the great love of Europeans for USA withered after the WWII and the post war trade agreements they felt were forced on them. 

Hell, my mom was in Europe in the seventies, and I remember her telling me how much the French dislike Americans--but then said that, in a restaurant there was another American (not a backpacker but a well-to-do tourist) cussing up a storm and complaining that the menu "wasn't in English" and why can't they speak English, dammit!  In a French restaurant in freaking France!  When she saw that, she told me, it gave her some perspective on why they might have an a priori dislike of Americans.


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