Well, this is wonderful news. I am no longer hiding my atheism. Except for my car. I am afraid if I put some sort of FSM or other atheist symbol on my car, some fundie will key it.

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Eventually, hopefully, the rest of our society will follow suit and come to grips with reality.
Well right on!

And don't be afraid to put the Flying Spaghetti Monster emblem on your car. I have a "Bright Blue Dot in a Very Red State" sticker and an evolve fish on my truck, and no harm has come of it yet, and I live in rural Alabama!
I'm from Alabama,so I know what you mean...
I'd like to get an evolve fish on my car. I think it's more appropreate than the Darwin fish, even though I love the Darwin fish, too. I'm also going to get the Know Evolution - Know Science sticker. I like delivering a clear message.
My husband (a new atheist) has been noticing that when he sees a Jesus fish on a car the driver is usually doing something stupid and/or illegal. He has noticed that the more expensive the car (with the Jesus fish) the more likely it is for them to be dangerous. I'm not trying to start a stereotype here, these are just his observations. I made fun of him for trying to belittle Xtians, I made jokes like "Jesus is their back seat driver" etc. and I told him not to generalize people. Then last week my family was almost smashed into by a Lexus while it was trying to make an illegal turn, very very slowly.... thank FSM that they were going so slowly or we would have been hit! When we both noticed the Jesus fish on the back I said "Okay, sorry. You can rant about it all you want from now on."
I have found that people (generally) who have crosses hanging from their rear view mirrors tend to be bad drivers - perhaps they feel that god will steer them right. The bigger the cross, the worse the driving habits are. Recently, I was driving behind someone that had what could have been the original cross of jesus (if that story has a grain of truth). Needless to say, I do not have to comment on my fear and frustration at his (lack of) driving skills. . I honked as I drove around him and that holy prick gave me the finger!

I proudly wear my atheist tees quite a bit but am hesitant to put any emblem on my car in case some god fearing person decides to make a statement.
Silly me! I just realized that I did not add anything relevant to your conversation... I got off track. To reply I will say that although I have read and noticed that agnostic and atheist views are on the rise I am still wary about tagging my car with a Darwin fish or displaying atheist views on my Facebook page. Maybe this is just paranoia on my part. I would hope that my family, friends and neighbours would be open minded enough to either accept or ignore my opinion, but there is still that little voice that says "don't tease the tiger". Personally I could not care less about causing a bit of drama, but I don't want my actions to cause stress to my family. I hope that soon I will gain the courage to stand up and be counted. I am not looking for permission to mock the religious views of my community but I would like to feel free to show that I do not agree with it.
I am a little worried about coming out myself. My hope is that the people who approach me will be civil. I do expect to be approached, and I look forward to that as long as the other party behaves like adults.
all I can say is....thank god! ;)
Feel free to join the Out Campaign

I have the 'A' bumper sticker but I haven't seen any others yet.



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