I'm told that the Christers are already speculating on whether Chris Hitch will convert on his deathbed (now that he has a vicious cancer). At least, with Darwin, they waited until his passing to start spreading the lies about his death, claiming he'd "found God" in his final moments. Not. Hitchens is essentially a stoic. He will not lapse on passing. He will die a proud atheist. I will not believe the lies.

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Anderson Cooper interviewed hitch on aug. 5th and he stated he would not convert while being lucid. I suspect if he is heavily drugged it will happen though.
Well, then, if he were loony at the end, what would be the value of such a conversion? If anything, it would only prove that science, not religion, governs our every breath.
Good point. That would make his conversion meaningless.
Yes, I should think all of the so called prophets probably received their holy books while practicing asphyxiation masturbation.
HA!!  James I just squirts milk out my nose when I read that!!!
these people accept death experiences from dying, oxygen-deprived brains

Well of course, they have something in common!
i think maybe, with hich being who he is will look around the room, gulp down some scotch and with his last breath says "fuckit...im out of here".........THUD! as his head hits the pillow.
One can only hope he converts not to standard type monotheistic stuff like Christeranity but to one of the heretical sects Luis Buñuel pokes fun at in movies like "The Milky Way" and "The Phantom of Liberty." I myself hope to be reborn into the Ophites, an antinomian Gnostic sect whose church service consisted of having a serpent crawl over loaves of bread from which the celebrants then break off and eat a piece. Then the lights are doused and everyone indulges in a cluster fuck, the more unrelated to one's spouse the partner, the closer to God, Ialdabaoth. Now, THAT is a religion for me!
Tantric Hindus smoke a lot of ganja and have sex for days; catch a Jew or Christian or Muslim woman doing that and they get stoned to death.
In that interview, he stated that if you hear rumors about conversions, do not believe them, as this will only happen while half demented by drugs or by pain; "whatever that being will be, it won't be me"; one can't say it clearer than that.
I was also saddened that he'd lost almost all his hair....and surprised, because I expected he'd discovered his condition during a routine exam, but no, he felt really ill one morning; also, the same type of cancer killed his father.
plus he smoked like a train and drank scotch (or whatever) like a fish....that didnt help!
sorry,Louis, your wrong.
my mom had esophageal cancer and it was the same. smokin and drinkin herself to death.
All her doctors over 3 yrs of dying said that that was the cause.
and self exams are for getting women to self exam to find what the doctors are not there to do on a day to day basis and has saved a lot of lives. my wife is also a 4x survivor.
you dont sound like you have lost anyone near to you from cancer.
I took care of my mom for 3 yrs....I am still, when she relapses the caretaker for my wife...I have lost a handfull of friends from cancers (various).
sorry... you dont know what your talking about.




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