I'm told that the Christers are already speculating on whether Chris Hitch will convert on his deathbed (now that he has a vicious cancer). At least, with Darwin, they waited until his passing to start spreading the lies about his death, claiming he'd "found God" in his final moments. Not. Hitchens is essentially a stoic. He will not lapse on passing. He will die a proud atheist. I will not believe the lies.

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learn how to speak better so that your point is clear.
as for making an ass of someone..look to yourself with comments like that.
just...........fuck off asshole!!!!!!!
Whatever. It's not worth derailing this thread.
ya...so just fuck off asshole
well lets hope that Hitch can go out like the Proud Atheist that we all need right now~ Even once demented, giving the religious the finger, saying some original quote as his final words, and letting those people know that he wouldn't "see unreason" as he goes into that good night....
wow, its really weird to talk about this..
all thats born will die.
dont cry..
its just life,
and that, life is the important part.


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