"Poor Mexico, So Close to the United States, So Far From God": The Old Nazi Visits Leon

While attending a professional seminar in San Antonio I read in that city’s daily, the Express-News, a story about the visit of Pope Rat Singer’s trip to Mexico, saying he avoided Mexico City because abortion and gay marriage are permitted there, visiting instead the more conservative, more Catholic Leon, which just happens to be an avation hub for all central Mexico and especially the so-called Bahio. While many Mexicans have long memories of Woodrow Wilson’s invasion of Veracruz in 1914, earlier events such as the years under the Spanish flag, appear to have eluded national memory.  Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, the priests kept the common people deluded by the magic of a questionable image of the “virgin,” whose likely invention was but a variation on the theme of syncretism that, earlier, had the conquistadores overseeing the building of cathedrals (such as Cholula’s) on top of indigenous (and unique) pyramids.  In the Yucatan, the priests, horrified by the sexual promiscuity of the Mayans, destroyed their codices.  By accretion, over time, Quetzalcoatl was replaced by Jesus.


The Catholics and journalists quoted in the story were candid in claiming that the lagging popularity of Catholicism in Mexico is due to such factors as the rebelliousness of youth, gravely sinful activities in the Federal District (which envelopes Mexico City), and the rise in secularism on both sides of the border.  Then the Pope said something interesting.  He said that the violence in Mexico (by which he was interpreted as meaning the cartel violence) was the result of men who have turned away from God.


No, it isn’t, you old fool.  It is the result of your centuries-long war on the Will of the ordinary human being, making him subservient to myth and delusion, whereby he is victimized by his leaders with the tolerance of the Church.  As the great Voltaire said of the priesthood in general, the Church exists so that lazy clerics can make a living, not having to slave away as do most of us.  No, the cleric is in the business of selling  mankind a bill of goods.


In a book about American and British writers who spent time or lived in Mexico from Aztec times until the 1970s, a college professor spent some time revealing how the Catholicism of the late Graham Greene jaundiced his views when he visited the country in the mid-30s and wrote a book that pretended to be about current events.  Instead, the anti[-clericalism of the 20s had all but subsided except in parts of autonomous hacienda-states in the Yucatan.  Thus, Greene falsely portrayed a Mexico that existed when the “violent atheist,” Plutarco Elias Cardenas, was president.  Anti-clerical rather than anti-Catholic, Calles was incensed by the mercenary practices of priests.  To put it country simple, the priesthood was ripping off the peons.  Ever heard of indulgences?  They were a money-making proposition for the bottom of the Ponzi scheme, the priesthood, who probably got to pocket at least part of the donations, dining on food purchased with them while the Indians starved.  The enticement into free giving of all one had? The educated priests fooled the gullible Indians into thinking mama or grandma, uncle or cousin, could be bought out of Purgatory, a place created by the pickpockets themselves for just such purposes.


Vicente Fox, the first non-Institutional Revolutionary Party president since Calles established the PRI in the late thirties, has said that during the 20s and especially the Calles years, “anti-Catholic Freemasons” went on an anti-clerical rampage, killing priests just for celebrating mass.  Like Greene, Fox engages in prevarication.  The Constitution of 1917 to a certain extent came about during a period similar to the Reign of Terror in France.  Chaos ruled supreme; only today with the cartel wars would one find a more violent period in Mexican history.  The priesthood was perceived as a roadblock to progress, and Mexico needed the collections of the poor in order to educate them so that they would never again allow a Catholic like Porfirio Diaz to keep them in serfdom.  Fox did us all a favor by characterizing the revolutionaries as anti-Catholic freemasons; their Grand Architect of the Universe can be anything from DNA to the carbonaceous seeds blown to our shores by an alien culture.


What He cannot be is Yahweh-Jehovah or his Sun.

It's interesting to note that until Carlos Salinas Gortari repealed them during his presidency in 1991-92, harsh constitutional provisions regulating the practice of Catholicism in Mexico, incuding at one time appearing in clerical garb in public.  Interesting I say because the Salinas-RCC connection might be well be looked into.  Salinas was the most corrupt Mexican president in modern history.  His brother is rotting in prison for a conspiracy to murder an attorney-general, very probably because the latter was zeroing in on Raul Salinas and his connections with one or more cartels. Carlos currently lives in splendor in Ireland.  In exile.  We should all be so alienated.

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I read some time ago that the killers were carving chrisitian symbols into the dead of the drug wars.  Can anyone confirm?

The POPE is a well known anti-atheist bigot whose predecessors have murdered millions.


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