I just learned my 88-year-old mother tithed $2,000 to her church last year. She's poor and barely lives off of a $1200 monthly check from Social Security. She recently underwent surgery for an aortic valve replacement, and not one representative from her church paid a visit or called. In fact, the church hasn't done a damned thing for her. It's a non-denominational evangelical mega-church in Wichita, Kansas. I did a happy dance when she left a Southern Baptist church years ago because they were worse (and I'm gay). Thanks for letting me vent.

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I agree. When challenged on the subject and she got defensive. I could see the guilt and shame on her face for even trying to discuss it from a point of reason, so I dropped it. It's her money, albeit frustrating for me.

I like your points, Buck316. May I call you Buck? It is exactly those people such as your mother, who will give until there is nothing to give that these damnable cults exist, and for what? 

Your mother, and countless others fall into that Black Hole called religion and don't seem ever able or willing to come out. 

You call me Buck. They are indeed the same as cults in my eyes. She's been brainwashed over the years.

Many people are just like her and tithe more even when they have not got it to give. I mean, what do they live on? The church and preachers now keep telling them to give more and god will really bless them. Then you see that they have the better houses and cars.

What does it take for poor people to wake up?

My mother in law, who was not a wealthy woman, gave thousands to Jim & Tammy Faye.  I saw the pathetic TV show that pair put on, and it's incredible to me how anyone could be suckered into it.


I actually served Tammy Faye a few times in a restaurant when I worked as a waiter. This was in the late 80s or early 90s. She was quite nice. I'm almost ashamed to say I lifted a cloth napkin she used that was left covered in makeup.I brought it out as a trophy for my gay friends whenever I threw parties. It was the source of some colorful, campy banter.

They should have taken care of her even when she tithed nothing! What sort of people are that?

Tithing was once the tax for theocracies, there should be no tithing in a democracy.

I think in a democracy, it should be illegal for churches to tithe.

If tithing is allowed, then the churches should document all tithing and pay tax on it, since it is not donations, but demanded/forced contribution.

It is horrible.  Even evil.

As a young child, I was brainwashed to give 10%, and as I got older, they wanted more than that, for building fund, missionary fund, & several others.  I gave about 100 thousand dollars before I woke-up.

If I was still a believer, I would be giving more than $1074 a year, out of my $10740/year Social Security.

The word "tithe" means a tenth and that's where they get the 10% idea. It's in Malachi 3: 9-10 and was originally a grain tax brought to the temple as grain. The idea of the scripture was that the Jews were holding back their grain and god would bless their harvests more if they brought grain and gave it - a tenth of the harvest.

That was over 400 years before the New Pesterment in which giving is encouraged and needs are met, but not necessarily by this antiquated idea of a grain tax. Christians today have turned it into money and suggest that everyone should give 10%.

Now I told you the truth and the televangelists will not coz they want your money!

Same for me and I stopped donating to the church as soon as I could. Once you have to choose between buying catfood or donating, the choice is easy. And I can't find the only thing a church might be good for in this thread: I mean community care. Why don't other church members visit an 88 year old to see if she needs help or company?

The thing that I missed the most when I left my church was community, and that was relatively easy to rebuild. As to church involvement in people's lives, such as visiting the sick or dying person is something that anyone can do, even humanists or secularists, or atheists. So, we have no big deal on this front. 




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