Pope Frank continues to impress this atheist.  once again he's taking it to the fundies who represent the largest faction of climate change deniers.  if there must be religion, and such a thing as a Pope must exist, then at least he's doing some good with the position.  Frank comes to Philly in '15 and i for one will be paying him a visit.  

ps - this is going to drive my Catholic mother and her Catholic husband (both climate change deniers do to their Fox News viewing) nutso.  

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It should. When I first became atheist I wasn't sure about climate change. Today I think it's an undeniable fact.

The average believer says "god is still up there so he is in control and all is still OK." This is a very ignorant way of approaching the issue.

When did you first became atheist and it made you think about an undeniable fact like climate change?

You didn't read it right. As a theist I never believed climate change. I've been atheist over 2 years now. Did I suddenly belief climate change as I became atheist? NO. That is not what I said. It took a little time, Leon. My belief is different today but not by anything that happened instantly.

After watching the CBS News 60 Minutes piece on Francis yesterday, I'm prepared to cut him a bit more slack.  He seems very much interested in cutting through the bureaucratic BS which as pope he is now saddled with, but acknowledging climate change, never mind actually DOING something about it, is one step out of 10,000.

Bergoglio still has a LOT of work left to do.

wow Loren, i call that high praise coming from you.  we differ on few things but Pope Frank is one of them.  glad to see you at least giving him a chance.  it's strange that i truly adore a religious figure as much as i do this Pope, but my feeling is that if there must be religion at least let it be a force for good.  and i see him as a way for religion to move in that direction.  honestly, in OUR direction.  other than that whole God and Jesus thing, he's kinda one of us.  and put me in the Bill Maher camp who thinks that, like Obama, he's a secret atheist.  he's just too smart and awesome to believe that nonsense.  

I might have thought that Frank had something truly extraordinary going for him, but when I heard that abortion was a closed issue for him, he effectively cut off his nose to spite his face.  Yes, I think he has more going for him than Ratzinger or Wojtyla did, but he's still saddled with too much of the bullshit which his particular cult holds dear.

He might be able to start some serious change, but he's way too invested in the old school to finish it.

I keep hearing about how he is tough on his administration, and won't think twice about firing this person or that person. I will personally believe he means business when he starts excommunicating pederast clergy and those who enabled them. Catholics regularly get excommunicated for things that I would consider far less grave than sexually abusing a child, but I have yet to hear of a single priest who has been excommunicated for brutally raping a child. Excommunication holds no legal punishment ramifications, but it certainly would demonstrate that your club has standards.

He could sure as hell start with Bernard Cardinal Law and in fact, allow Law's extradition to the US for trial, though by this date, the statute of limitations has likely long since expired.

I miss Hitch. Apparently we think alike.

he lives on in my rescue's name!  it was fun over the holiday listening to my mom call my dog Hitchens over and over!

Like many people in the public eye, he is an actor playing a role.  Do they really expect us to believe he sneaks out an night to help the poor? Really? With all the servants, security systems, Swiss Guards and this old man sneaks away? He doesn't want anyone to know but the story is "leaked" to the media. You would think the "leaker" would respect his papal wishes!   He was chosen because he is from South America, the last bastion of Catholicism, a political decision (where he used to sell indulgences). More and more people are digging deeper into investigating the Catholic Church, their business interests, the Vatican Bank, the gay lifestyles in Vatican City and many other topics that used to be "off limits". They needed a PR (public relations) Pope and that is who they hired as their latest "infallible" CEO. The Catholic Church is the oldest global corporation in the world. Pope Francis has recently been working with Obama towards negotiations with Cuba, Cha Ching! They have been losing customers worldwide  steadily and like any other business, they need to change the marketing plan and the advertising campaign - and the new campaign requires a new mascot. Like Geiko going from the caveman commercials to the cute gecko lizard spokesman! It worries me because I think many will fall for it. While I do applaud some changes in attitudes and positions coming out of Vatican City, I see it as a last ditch effort to get business back from lost customers and an attempt of a business based on superstition and ignorance to stay relevant in the information age. I sincerely hope he makes more fundamental changes in their doctrine, not only because it is the right thing to do, but to expose hypocrisy of changing "God's Eternal Laws" to whims of popularity - which could get more people to question the silliness of it all.

Yeah, but as an atheist, aren't you a little bit excited about being allowed to go to heaven? Lol.




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