Pope Frank continues to impress this atheist.  once again he's taking it to the fundies who represent the largest faction of climate change deniers.  if there must be religion, and such a thing as a Pope must exist, then at least he's doing some good with the position.  Frank comes to Philly in '15 and i for one will be paying him a visit.  

ps - this is going to drive my Catholic mother and her Catholic husband (both climate change deniers do to their Fox News viewing) nutso.  

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They say that there's  no beer in heaven. Why should I be excited when you won't have any barbeque too, for it is only "down bellow"?

I don't think that Catholics are anxious to go to heaven, for they see the Popes wanting to live as long as possible, banning abortions, keeping "vegetable" patients in hospital from having the "plug" pulled... so desperate to avoid going into heaven...

I'm reading Job (by Heinlein) right now. The main character gets raptured, and Heaven is just a big, annoying city somewhere in space where newcomers are treated like shit by the angels. It's pretty funny.

Nobody can write something about heaven an not be funny :)

so i take it you're a skeptic :)

Yea, you may be right, I went to a skeptics meeting once and couldn't believe what I had heard. They were skeptics too, for sure, for I told them I had superpowers, but they didn't believe me. However, some people believe that skepticism isn't real.

lol, superpowers?  i'd be skeptical too.  you're certainly not nutso for not buying what the pope is selling.  i'm a bit more willing to give the benefit of the doubt.  is it so unbelievable that a person with a position of power be a genuine progressive on important issues?  i mean, how often have we mocked bible thumpers for ignoring the teachings of jesus?  then one comes along who seems to want his followers to adhere to those teachings (which are largely decent) and we call bullshit?

Are you doubting that the pope has superpowers?

his only superpower is the ability to make Ratzinger shit his diaper.  

Sorry, don't care about Catholics infighting.

Sorry, I'm a "recovering Catholic".  I didn't mean to rant on your thread.

Here's a few funny but true music videos about the Pope! 

Trevor Moore - comedian from Whitest Kids U Know, did a nice song about the Pope as the figurehead of a large business. 

Tim Minchin comedian / musician on pedophilia in the church. (lots of F_bombs!)


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