Pope charged with crimes against humanity at the World Court

Criminal charges were filed against Pope Benedict XVI at the International World Court last week by two lawyers from the Pope's home state of Bavaria. The charges, which allege crimes against humanity, were submitted by Christian Sailer and Gert-Joachim Hetzel of Marktheidenfeld to Dr Luis Moreno Ocampo, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

And it's not a hoax from The Onion either.

More here.


"Don't shoot, officer! I'll come quietly."


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So ... is this supposed to actually MEAN anything?  Will there be any active effort to apprehend Joe the Rat and in fact bring him to trial?  And if they do, is the International Court empowered to DO anything meaningful about his activities and those of the church?

This is up there with the chatter about impeaching Bush 43, and if it does really GO somewhere, I'll be among the more surprised of the atheist observers around here....

Any condemnation of this child rape co-conspiritor is welcome.  He was the previous pope's head cop over priests.  He is guilty of every rape commited since he was placed in that position. Of course no one will throw him in the cell he deserves.  Still any public shaming is better than none.
I agree with Dogly. I mean, I didn't even know about this, but just hearing that someone is actually TRYING to get this guy is heartening.

I live in a state which I'd like to term a Catholic Stronghold(we call our counties parishes for cripe's sake). I tend to try to be ginger about this topic, but I've been getting more verbal about it. This should at least get them to think about it...

It's about time! I hope that he will actually have to stand and face charges for all the times that he allowed priests to be reassigned knowing full well what would happen to the children in the new parish.


Every catlick that had one of these pedophile priests reassigned to their parish should be pushing their government to put some teeth behind this.


Unfortunately, I too will be surprised if anything comes of this.


P.S. He is seriously one of the creepiest looking people I have ever seen. He would fit right into one of the exorcist movies, and he wouldn't even need any makeup!


Wow that's alot of gold. Gleeful Glen Beck must be jealous
It would be truly satisfying to see someone having the stones to actually make progress with this case but I'll be extremely shocked to see it happen.


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