hope I'm not the only one angered by the Vatican "forgiving" John Lennon for his 1966 comment that the Beatles were more popular than Christ.
Who asked them for forgiveness!?
Now that John Lennon has been dead for 28 years they amplify their sanctimoniousness when John can't tell them to go to their own hell. I hope Yoko makes a statement to clarify the John was an atheist and did need forgiveness from any religious leader.


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Agreed. He didn't ask for it or need it when he was alive so why would he need it now? Just more of the gasbags trying to make themselves seem important.
Yup...I hate the whole lot of them.
This just shows how cowardly they are. I saw that article the day it came out and I nearly threw a shit-fit. Rattinger can rot in his grave for that one.
Aw, boo-hoo, was the little pope's feelings hurt by big bad John Lennon.

John Lennon was probably right when he said that.
What's the point of forgiving someone after they are dead? Do they think that Lennon will go to Heaven now that the church has forgiven him? Once again, the church is behind the times.

It kills me when the Catholic Church apologizes for something that happened a few hundred years ago. "We condoned the killing of millions of people? Oh, sorry. Our bad."
At what point was there something that needed forgiving. I don't know if there was a response from Yoko Ono; but I would gather that John Lennon would have spoken his mind about this and ridicule the church.
Next thing you know, the Pope will be singing "Christ, you know it ain't easy...you know how hard it can be. The way things are going, they're gonna crucify me". :D
The pope is an idiot along with his church.
IMO (and even some catholic friends of mine agree) Ratzinger is a reactionary arsehole, one of the biggest the catholic church has produced in recent times.
But - he is not a Nazi. And it is very doubtfull that he ever was, unless a (semi-)mandatory membership in the HJ at age 14 makes a nazi.
Nazi or not, the fact he says things like this http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2008/04/16/pope-benedict-x... yet also signed the Crimine sollicitationies document, shows what a hypocritical moron he is. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimen_sollicitationis - for people who don't know of it.) I honestly do not know how they managed to get away with covering up sex abuse for so long. It shows just how much power the Catholic church still has. And the whole business with condoms in Africa absolutely disgusts me.
Hey 28 years isn't all that bad, they apologized Galileo in 2000, a good 358 years after his death. They're making some progress!!

There's also a marked difference between apologizing for destroying someone's life and "forgiving" someone for an innocent remark that was perceived as a slight... In this case the church isn't admitting any sort of mistake. They're simply sanctimoniously and mock-graciously saying that they no longer hold a grudge against a dead man for uttering a single sentence years ago.

I'm not sure how the degree of evil shakes out on this one, really... *headscratch*




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