hope I'm not the only one angered by the Vatican "forgiving" John Lennon for his 1966 comment that the Beatles were more popular than Christ.
Who asked them for forgiveness!?
Now that John Lennon has been dead for 28 years they amplify their sanctimoniousness when John can't tell them to go to their own hell. I hope Yoko makes a statement to clarify the John was an atheist and did need forgiveness from any religious leader.


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The fact is, they WERE more popular than Jesus at the time. It was supposed to be a statement that most people could identify with. Instead, the press interpreted it as a scandal. How dare they, blah blah blah, buy some records and burn them, show everyone how stupid we are.

Yoko doesn't need the Pope's apology. She should tell him to go screw.
...reminds me of the scene in Almost Famous when Zooey Deschanel's (character's) mother tells her "I forgive you." Zooey replies, "I didn't apologize."
It's a selfish public relations stunt to try to smooth over what's been a history of hateful, ignorant, biased and hurtful comments and condemnations of people and issues that they really should have either stayed away from or supported, i.e. the use of condoms as birth control. No wonder the Protestants call them atheists, LOL!
Catholisism --one of the most evil, hate filled, manipulative, deceptive and corrupt branches of christianity going.
Pope statement got nothing to do with Jhon Lennon, nor Lennon needed it.
Pope and church got a hidden agenda behind this. They want to assert their authority among believers that they got a license to send or expell people from Paradise(even after their deaths). This is an old tactic used by the religon.
I doubt that he really cared what the Vatican thought.
Phuck the Pope!!! John didn't need nor does he STILL NEED '4giveness' from ANY Church or affiliate thereof!! [>:-O



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