From what I've read most Catholics and others are impressed with Pope Frankie and his back to basics Christianity. No   Prada shoes, no bling, fire a couple of Bishops and Cardinals who love the bling,  wash some poor peoples feet and all will be right with the world. And then says: "no-one else has done more" to root out pedophilia than the Church". "The Church has acted with transparency and responsibility, yet it is the only institution to have been attacked"  And now this from the fucktard.

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I still want to know how many arrests have been made, how many trials held, and how many convictions. I still can't escape the feeling that the count is not only low but insultingly low. Comments like this only reinforce the feeling in me that Frank hasn't the slightest idea of the perfidy of his church in this matter.
Personally, I had one kid and I was fine with that. I agree that the world is flirting with disastrous overpopulation and has yet to fully recognize either the fact of it or its implications. Meanwhile, Frankie continues on with the same old rhetoric as though nothing were wrong.

It truly makes me wonder how Frank and his ilk will finally react when the truth is too obvious to ignore and the window of opportunity for correction has passed.

That is a good way of thinking.

booklover, it is obviously her choice -- and her partner's if and when she has one.  But what worries me is that, at least in America, intelligent, responsible people are opting to remain childless.  My older daughter is one.  But the hyper-religious, especially Catholic and Mormon, and the ... can I say stupid here? ... are reproducing like rabbits.  What will this do to society?  That frightens me a bit.

Let's see. Getting marital advice from celibate males, who have no children, but who participate in the cover up of child molestation, while at the same time condemning homosexuality, and who go to work ever day in a dress. Yeah, there's a real recipe for success!

I've been one of the few (at least I think I have) who have been less than enamored with Frankie the Gaucho since he took over from Ratzinger. And, I've said it before on here.  There should be a sign on the Vatican that reads,

Under New Management!
(Business as Usual)

I'm with you too Pat.  

My wife and I decided early on that having a child was not for us.  We just celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary last week and in the all the years we've been married never have we regretted out choice.  

I was 25 when my son was born. 29 when my daughter came along. They learned early on I had no belief in gods of any kind. My son, while in college, started a food bank and kitchen for the homeless in a major metropolitan area, which is still running to this day. My daughter, not to be outdone, paid her own money to work on a project to deliver fresh water to a village in Nicaragua. Neither one did it because of magic juju spirits in the sky, but because it was the right thing to do.

I'd take a bullet for either of them. And no degenerate low life scum bag from a religion, be it christian, muslim, judaism, hinduism, buddhism, shintoism, or any other ism will, at this point, infect their minds. They learned to think independently from the get go. I could not be more proud! 

Thank you, Melinda. I have every confidence you're just as proud of your children.

I do believe that after 9 years of marriage my wife and I are not together today because of a lack of children. She wanted a child. I just couldn't see me at 68 and raising one. Not again, and not today.

I found out Sunday that she is back in church again. That's another thing that isn't in my plans. How could I come this far and then go back to church? Why would I want to hear some other idiot's take on sermons that I myself might have also preparred? None of it makes sense.

Thanks, Mindy. I am guilty often of using my own situation in making or proving a point, and maybe I should stop that. My postings do show an openness in how I think and reason about things.

Don't stop Michael your openness helps us all to realize how important each of our life experiences are and we all learn from each other.




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