Pope Mexico Trip: Legionaries Of Christ Sex Abuse Victim Jose Barba's Book 'La Voluntad De No Saber' Overshadows Visit (HuffPost)

MEXICO CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Mexico this week to a very public reminder of one of the Catholic Church's most egregious sex abuse scandals: A new book says internal Vatican documents show the Holy See knew decades ago of allegations that the Mexican founder of the disgraced Legion of Christ religious order was a drug addict and pedophile.

The documentation has been compiled in a book "La voluntad de no saber" ("The will to not know"), which is co-authored by Jose Barba, a former Legion priest who along with other priests in 1998 brought a church trial against the Legion's founder, the Rev. Marciel Maciel, for having sexually abused them while they were seminarians.

While details of the abuse were made public years ago in Mexico and the Spanish-speaking world, the authors aim for a larger international audience, saying they will post key documents on the Internet as part of the book release Saturday. Excerpts of the book published by Proceso magazine on Sunday received little attention in Mexico.

"The importance of this book is that it documents the irrefutable evidence and proof that the Vatican has been lying about Maciel," said Bernardo Barranco, an expert from the Religious Studies Center of Mexico and author of the prologue of the new text.

The Rev. Richard Gill, a prominent U.S. Legion priest until he left the congregation in 2010 after 29 years, said the documents' publication could be tumultuous for the order as the Vatican tries to steer it through a process of reform.

"The revelation of these documents, previously unknown to the great majority of Legionaries who acted in good faith, shows that there were solid grounds for the removal of Fr. Maciel more than 50 years ago," Gill said in an email, calling anew for the Vatican to further investigate how Maciel could have hidden his behavior from public view for so long.

The question of the Vatican's handling of Maciel and his victims has grown in the lead-up to Benedict's arrival Friday in Mexico amid speculation that the pope might meet with some of the victims. During foreign trips to the United States, Australia, Britain, Malta and Germany, Benedict has heard firsthand the stories of sexual abuse from victims and prayed with them.

But the Vatican has said no such meeting is planned. Barba and other victims say they wouldn't meet with Benedict anyway because of his role in the Maciel affair.

The former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict, headed the office that received their complaint in 1998, but it took the Vatican eight years to sanction Maciel for the crimes – during which time the accusers were branded as liars and discredited by the Legion.

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And the beat goes on.  From virtually every corner of the catholic world come stories of abuse and malfeasance by priests and officials of the RC church.  The response from the church remains remarkably consistent: pray, deny, refuse ... but no substantial, effective ACTION.

Were I a member of the RC church and heard this news and the other worldwide reports, my mindset would be one of anger and frustration, anger at the phenomenally widespread nature of these incidents and frustration in knowing that, if I raised my voice in protest to anyone in authority, not only that those protests wouldn't be heard but that I would be exposing myself to the censure of the church itself.

This is a point I have made before: the RC church is interested solely in its own opinion.  It has no interest in dialog or input from its flock, nor in any civil authority.  Its parishioners can pray, pay and obey (and otherwise shut up).  Those who would attempt to enforce man's law against god's representatives get rebuked as an inferior authority.

And I continue to sit here and look in awe and disgust at all of this and wonder: "How long will people permit this to go on?"

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