I watch local news regularly each night.  I can't help but laugh every time I watch the clips about Pope's death, resignation, conclave, election, white smoke chimney, red shoes, brown shoes,  ( I have no idea what is Pope mean? That guy is just an old man like everyone.  I don't understand and don't want to learn anything nonsense religious like that. I have enough with that crap. I just could not believe this. Sorry for the rant just needed to get it off my chest.

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I understand your rant. I couldn't escape it yesterday - radio, tv. Do all of the catholic followers really listen to what the pope says? Atleast i didn't get asked "what do you think about the new pope?" Maybe today. 

Yep - the pope was on all day yesterday - live broadcasts and everything.

just heard that he doesn't believe in evolution. Did the last pope believe in evolution? I thought catholics, for the most part, have accepted it. So, I guess we have catholics who believe, and those who don't. What a mess. 

My first post, and I find my posts come up empty and blank if I use Firefox and Mac OS! Anyhoo, here goes again:

I watched it yesterday early evening and most of the time I was completely bemused by the crowd in the square. They were cheering, happy, waving, viva-il-papping, yet they knew absolutely nothing about the man chosen for the ruby slippers; nothing about his views or opinions or where he's going to take their Idiot Superstitions Club in future.

I seriously think most atheists are simply not equipped with the machinery of blind faith - I simply could not understand what they were getting so excited about and couldn't help thinking, "if that were me I'd be a little apprehensive in case they choose someone who turns out to be a right twat..."

I know most of you probably have seen this, but it still makes me laugh out loud every time...


Yep, that worked with Safari. Anyone else have this trouble?

Some sites are unbearably slow with Safari (and the terrible internet connection I have here) because they load so much external stuff - sadly this is one of them, so I'd much rather use my regular browser.

Media shows what public is intrested to see. It means there are a lot of religious fellows in your locality.

who? the .. U.S. war machine slates global climate catastrophes as the main issue coming down the pipes of reality. the rest is social crud. like that story.. so .. pushed.




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