Pope's Butler Formally Charged for Leaking Secret Vatican Documents to Press

The Pope's butler has been arrested and charged by Vatican officials for supposedly illegally acquiring and leaking secret Vatican documents to the press. Per the article:


Some of the documents that the butler, Paolo Gabriele, is suspected of leaking claim cronyism and corruption in Vatican contracts, in a scandal that has come to be known as VatiLeaks. A Vatican statement referred to Mr. Gabriele, 46, who until his arrest on Wednesday night had been serving the pope meals and helping him dress, as “the defendant.” It said that a preliminary inquiry had become a formal investigation, meaning that Mr. Gabriele had been formally charged, and that he had chosen two lawyers to defend him....The leaked documents included letters by an archbishop who was transferred to Washington after reporting what he saw as a web of corruption and cronyism, a memo that put a number of cardinals in a bad light and documents suggesting that there were internal conflicts about the Vatican Bank....Commentators in Italian newspapers said they doubted that Mr. Gabriele could have acted alone, and some speculated that he had been a pawn in an internal power struggle....If convicted, Mr. Gabriele could face a sentence of up to 30 years for illegal possession of documents of a head of state.




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There is cronyism and corruption in the catholic conspiracy church's upper levels?  What?  The Borgias would be shocked!

The Pope doesn't appear to be turning the other cheek. I wonder if the butler would have been more tolerated had he instead been discovered to be a pedophile. 

So much for protecting the whistle-blowers at the Vatican! [as though we're surprised at this?!?]

Any idea what was in those documents? Did any of them actually get out?

Some of the documents are supposed to have actually leaked. I suspect that the butler is going to be made an example of. It's too bad that they don't make examples of the pedophiles they discover in their ranks. We shall see whether the other cheek is turned regarding this matter.




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