So how about the pope's recent comments that condoms could be used by male prostitutes in order to prevent the spread of AIDS. Is this ridiculous or what? I mean, naturally I agree that prostitutes should use condoms, however, according to the pope, it is still not ok for female prostitutes

(or anyone else) to use them, because in that case one of the purposes would be contraception. So what's the deal? AIDS prevention is important, but not enough so that all people should be encouraged to do their part? I suppose that according the the teachings of the Catholic church homosexuals are all going to hell anyway, so the issue of safe sex is no longer relevant. Oh well, why should I expect anything this whack job says to make any sense?

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Heh, funny because the Church is rather about yet another contradictory teaching....

The Church's stance on any form of birth control is fucking stupid. Of course, no matter how deleterious its policies are to its devotees, I don't expect it to change anytime soon. After all, all the accidental babies spawned by the lack of birth control will be raised as little Catholics, which means more souls for them to hold power over!
Just listened on NPR to an explanation (read: redaction) from the Holy Sees own press that what the Pope actually meant was that condoms and their use are still immoral and inherently evil, but using them may be a step towards morality (read: no fun with your ding-a-ling).

The exact analogy they employed was that criminals who pose as pipe insulators to break into homes may eventually give up burglary and go into pipe insulation. No joke. That was it. No, it doesn't work. But that's not really so surprising.

A better analogy is an executioner who gives the executionee a cigarette before the axe comes down. Still evil, but maybe a step in the right direction... I guess.

Whatever. Fuck the Pope.
criminals who pose as pipe insulators to break into homes may eventually give up burglary and go into pipe insulation. That's hilarious. And the phallic imagery involving insulating pipes.... priceless.
The more I think about their analogy the more ridiculous it gets.

Their analogy equates to gay men no longer being gay and just putting on condoms for the hell of it.
i think their concern is insulating popes, not pipes.


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