I was reading an article about how our government needs to change its fiscal policies to account for an aging population.  In the comments on the story, someone claimed that there is actually a population implosion, a negative growth rate world-wide, and that population overgrowth is a myth.


I was unable to find anything in a quick Google search that looked reliable to support this idea.  (one page, the article was used to support anti-abortion laws - like forcing women to bear children is the solution...IF there is even a problem).


Is there any science supporting this? 

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Yes the wealthy white (including the Japanese) majorities in the industrialized countries are succumbing to population shrinkage. But the population in rest of the world, especially in Africa, is exploding.
I don't see how forcing women to bear children is the solution to supposed population implosion since we're horrendously overpopulated right this minute. I wish the population was shrinking : /
The world is overpopulated.  The major industrialized nations are depopulating because of low birth rate and immigration controls.

"The major industrialized nations are depopulating because of low birth rate and immigration controls."


Immigration controls? HA I think not- the flood gates have been open for years.


More interesting is exactly why the birth rate is falling in the supposedly 'wealthy industrialized nations' ... it seems both the wealth (for the majority of people) and the industrialization is a thing of the past in 'developed' nations.

I don't know - I think "floodgates" are more than you are looking for.  Per Wikipedia:


in 1850, almost 10% of Americans were foreign born.  And that was before the big waves that brought my grandparents here.

I think falling birth rate in the G8 is due to education and other factors that spark discussions like this one. 



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