here are a couple of fascinating articles on some recent developments post the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision.  the Wonkette piece is particularly well done.  what i find amazing about the story is the awesome display of projection.  this pro-life nurse who wanted a job at a family planning facility is suing simply because she didn't get the job!  largely because her religion forbids her for doing said job.  meanwhile, the same bible beaters are legally allowed to FIRE and employee they want because of their religious beliefs.  that they are fine with.  yet not hiring a person who is simply not capable (admittedly!) is generating a lawsuit from these twisted dimwits.  you really need to read it to appreciate it.  and Wonkette really knocks it out of the park with the introduction.  

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quite the comprehensive explanation, SB.  you hit multiple nails on multiple heads.  there is a reason that our healthcare industry is multiple times more expensive than other countries.  all other western nations have recognized healthcare as an essential human right in modern times.  America isn't on board yet.  and that leads to perversion in the free markets if not regulated.  The ACA attempts to regulate the hell out of the free market to bring it in line with principles that keep costs down in other countries with universal health coverage.  so far it seems to be working.  watch this space.  

...all other western nations have recognized healthcare as an essential human right in modern times.  America isn't on board yet.

Right, Matthew! So very right!

And thinking Americans see its nonrecognition as an essential human right as a result of an attitude in those who run America toward those who don't run America.

Wake up folks, and smell the coffee that has been brewing since a few oligarchs in 1787 wrote a constitution that favors two groups:

* Alexander Hamilton's rich and well born, and

* James Madison's minority of the opulent.

If anyone wants my sources, say so and I will post the URLs.

you said it just right, Mel.  and more succinct than i could.  

Freethinker, it appears you mistakenly thought booklover (Mel to me) was against having birth control covered.  she is not, it was Jay who seemed to disagree.  

no problem, and i will let her know (i think she left the thread).  

The problem with any kind of post-Hobby-Lobby legislation is all too simple: the House of Representatives and its "leader" (if you can call him that), John Boehner.  His opposition to anything not having to do with the 1% and the Republican majority in that body virtually guarantees that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN ... until the House is no longer red.

The real shame is that Democrats are so ill-focused on so many issues (witness the period between 2009 and 2011) that it might not happen even then, though the odds would be somewhat better.

What I don't understand is why all employers are not jumping on board with this and becoming Christian Scientists, who claim that prayer and good living and belief is the only treatment for all diseases.  That's a helluva lot more economical than actual medical care.

If it's their sincerely held belief that all medications and treatments are against god's will, they could really cut costs.  Sounds like a potential winner for the boards of directors......




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