Excerpts from Nancy Bristow's How the coronavirus will change our lives forever --- from music to...

She begins with lasting US changes from the 1918 flu.

If history is any guide, not much will change in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic.

Certain habits did change. Americans never returned to the common drinking cup, outlawed during the crisis and previously common in schools, offices and railway cars; they frowned on public spitting. Public health leaders celebrated their success in providing basic education on sanitation and personal hygiene. But the deaths of 675,000 Americans did not spur a remaking of the health-care system. Efforts by Progressive-era reformers had failed to create a national health insurance program and, despite the pandemic, withered in the 1920s.

I can't help thinking there is a Darwinian reset taking place, but it remains to be seen what evolutionary advantage is paramount  

In a post-pandemic America, those that invest in and adapt to communication-focused technology will succeed; those that can't, or won't, will fail.

More TV interviews will happen via Skype.

That bad news is that, to make a name for themselves without meeting voters, candidates will have to be as interesting (read: outlandish) as possible. It might already feel like we occupy a land of 1,000 Donald Trumps, but get ready to actually live there. Nice-but-boring politicians can make it in retail politics, but they'll be a tougher sell in an online-dominated political environment. The catchiest tweets, not the soundest ideas or the most amiable personalities, will often win the day. Those of us who want less shtick and more gravitas from our leaders will have to adjust. Incentives will increase for everyone to turn into Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Republican Rep. Joe Wilson. If a coronavirus vaccine doesn't arrive soon, politics, especially handcuffed to the internet, will be more melodramatic than ever.

 With the specter of contagion, city-dwellers are told to avoid crowded subways, removing a critical element that makes ultradense cities work. In New York, subway traffic is down precipitously,…

Her prediction that politicans will become Trump clones is dreadful. What are your thoughts about lasting social change? How will society co-evolve with viruses and global connectivity? It brings to mind the plague-adapted parallel world in the Counterpart series. 

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Yes, I can see this. I don't like it but I can see it. Politics and government are set to become more like the movie "Robocop." Our pandemic is changing our buying habits to remain more like Russia. We used to believe (or at least I did) that they simply had less product to sell. Not true. Panic produces a "get it while you can" mentality. America is now arriving at this.

One positive I see coming out of Covid-19 is there will be more work from home. Another is that more can go to school or college from home. We are putting this in place now and certainly they will not reverse it. The Internet is a key for this. Back to politics again I saw a news broadcast internationally where Russia wanted to vote on constitutional amendments. Putin told them what the people wanted and what would be accepted and what would not. It was almost unbelievable that this is accepted as normal. America is fast moving in that direction.

In the meantime I think we can continue to see Trump followers defending him by immediately talking about someone else. To me it begs the question - would you defend your mother by talking about other women? Welcome to the New World Order.




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