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I've been trying to convince my cohabi-tater that we have room for another cat. How many animals (including the human kind) at your house? Your laundry bill must be high, having a houseful of cats with white socks.

Sushi has gravitas, being the Elder Cat of your household. Gaz's image, in an ornate gilt frame, could go behind the bar in an old-style saloon. Noodle is very formal, but appears to have misplaced her bowtie.
There are three of us humans and the three felines. Somehow we all manage to get along in a house with only one bathroom!
Heh. Caught in the act! I thought about naming eKeetzen (our resident black cat, 98% black except for a tiny white star on her chest) Sheba, but was already well on my way to calling her eKeetzen. Does Sheba go out? If so, does she rust?
I found out via eKeetzen that some black cats' fur takes on a rusty tinge when they spend much time in the sun. She's rustier looking in the summer.

Does Sheba tear open the pompom bags?

Herman sounded brilliant. I met some folks who travel around with cats... they all come running when they're called.

I feed the birds too, but I put all the feeders out of eKeetzen's reach. I found out the hard way that one wasn't. She came to us an indoor/outdoor cat. We only let her out during the day, and quite often, I'm outside with her. I don't dare let Cassie out unless I'm with her, as she was very traumatized when the cohabi-tater found her as a starving wee fleasucked kitten, and she's still getting over that. I may never let her out unsupervised.

Eventually, I'd like to have a fenced-in area outside, so that they can come and go as they please, and I don't have to worry about them being hit by a car, or picked off by someone higher on the foodchain than them.
that is hilarious.. my cat does the same thing....pom-poms, plastic bags, rubber bands, cotton balls, polly pocket pieces....
Lovely green eyes! The image works fine for me, even though I have an older computer with a crap WWW connection.
Introducing Kitteh ISIS.

He's an atheist because he knows he's God.

I worship Him :-).

"Leading atheists is like herding cats." --Playtoe.

Which could explain why we love these babies so much. We can relate. Lol!
Looks like you caught him by surprise with the camera!
Nah. He always looks like that. He's the first cat I've known that has "owl" eyes. Lol.
My, what big eyes you have, ISIS.
This is a photo of my Two Headed mutant cat...

Seriously though these are my recently deceased Kitty companions Potato (17*) and Kooney (16).

This is a photo of my current crew...

Jenga (2) and Blackjack (2).

* Before you ask why Potato...


And I hope this doesn't sound patronizing, but I'm always glad to see guys who aren't ashamed to admit love for cats. ;-)




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