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That's good to hear, just in case some wee thing breaks my heart when we're traveling.
You may have seen 'em elsewhere, but here they are again:

That's Boo, a sweet ol' lady-kitty.

That's Sadie (short for SADIST!) ... a bit bipolar, but she likes ME at least ... sometimes!

And that's Morris, a big, handsome GOOF ... but a swell fella.
Boo and Sadie look like my Puma - that wild-color Tabby that can pass for a wildcat!

And Sadie, true to her name and bi-polar nature, indeed looks like she's a bit paranoid at getting her photo taken. "What's that? What are you doing? I didn't do it! I swear, the curtains shredded themselves! Why are you still pointing that machine at me?!?"
She's not quite THAT bad ... she tolerates me and frequently sits in my gal's lap ... but she's STILL bipolar!
I hope you are feeling better. It's good to hear that you and your brother are working together to find homes for those cats.

Wish I could take more cats on. I hope you're able to find homes for all of them. Looking forward to photos.

This is my kitty Oliver, he's a little over 8 years old. His mom is a persian and his dad is a domestic shorthair. He can be really grumpy and doesn't like strangers, but we love eachother.
Awww... He's lovely. Does being of mixed parentage give him less issues than a regular Persian? He looks like he can breathe.
Yeah he definitely has way less problems than a regular Persian. He hasn't had any issues with his breathing, the only inherited problem he has is that he gets frequent eye infections but they are pretty managable and don't cause him too much discomfort.
Oliver does look like he got all the right traits. No smashed-in nose, beautiful long hair and markings!
Thank you! He also has a really strong personality and he's very smart. Currently I'm working on teaching him to give me high fives and it's going well so far - even though he doesn't see the point of doing it unless he knows I have cat treats nearby!
There are a lot of activities I don't see the point of unless there's a treat or pay involved. I see Oliver's point.
There are a lot of activities I don't see the point of unless there's a treat or pay involved. I see Oliver's point.

Ditto that!

And I'm impressed with Oliver's smarts. I haven't attempted to try any such tricks with my kittehs. I'm happy enough that they seem to know their names and generally come when called.




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