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Oliver doesn't come when he's called unless he knows that he's going to get something out of it (i.e. kitty treats) even though I know that he understands me. I consider that a huge proof of his intelligence.
Poor Morris! I guess I been workin' him too hard! All that scritch-scritchin' and meowin' and chasin' his tail and stuff....

Poor guy's ALL WORE OUT!
Lupie is HUGE! Ever watch him and feel like you're studying a panther? I know I do with my huge guy.
What a neat couple of fuzzers! Give 'em scritch-scritches for me, please!
Heh. Does Lane have tough shoulders?
Most of the year, I'm pretty happy to have Shouldercat on me, but in the summer, when the sleeves come off... not so much.
She's gorgeous. I hope you are able to find a home for her. If I lived closer, I'd be glad to help.
She's also lovely. Looks young.
She's gorgeous. Really love that coloring! I always wish I had room for more kittehs.
Me too. I keep telling the -tater that we have five rooms here (not counting bathrooms), so we should be able to have one cat for each room.

He's not buying it.
I've got one room and three cats, so tell him by my math you have room for 15.
He says that your math is expensive.




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