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Here're my three beauties!
Hansel's the grey tiger, BJ's the grey, and Lydia's the calico.
They are indeed lovely.
Here are my boys: orange one is Garfield (almost 11 months), grey one is Felix (almost 1 year, at the end of this month).

In the kitchen, just chillaxin all cool.

Sleeping in the living room.

All up in teh slumberz on my moms bed and clothes.

Couple of neat fellas! Please give 'em a scritch-scritch for me!
I sure will!
I put that wrong, Garfield is almost 9 months...not 11..
Heh. I love how cazh they are about being on those clothes. Are they littermates?
No. They're both strays that we found near my school. Felix we found wandering my mom's work parking lot, mewing his little heart out at nearly 3 weeks old. Garfield we found on our way home 3 months later, just waiting on the side of the road for someone to get him, no mommy in sight, about 4 weeks old. They were like brothers within a week. =)
Awww... poor kittens. So glad they found a good home with you.

I think there was too much of an age difference (three years) between my girls for them to bond. I think both of them would like to be an only cat, but they do make the best of the situation, and sometimes seem to appreciate each other a wee bit.
Very cool. Rescue kitties rock!

Weird: I was never a fan of the Garfield cartoons but always kind of liked the dog Odie. When I had an orange tabby adopt me for a while I named him Odie: O.D. short for Orange Dude.

Your boys look like they're living the life now!
Welcome back!

I didn't have any photos saved, other than having favorited them.

The cats that I tend have taught me so much I wrote a book about 'em. The book ain't near as good as the cats are, so here's a few of my friends.

Calvin likes to interfere with the airflow around my ham radio station equipment.This beautiful face hung around last summer & then disappeared. There are at least two other hobo cats with similar markings who stop by for dinner some evenings.Hobbes is Calvin's brother. We raised them bottle & wet wipes from their second day. Their mother, a beautiful grey with a broken tail, died Mothers' Day four years ago come this year. We are all litter mates as far as they are concerned, which is fine with me.

And yes, there are more. I am the cat lady of this little village off the interstate. I've recorded over 70 cats come into my life over the past 40-odd years.





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