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Now I gotta find batteries for the camera, since my cell phone one wouldn't do an update pic justice (she doesn't fit in frame very well).
Moar pix!111
Awesome pics Falene!

I'm trying to get some updated pics with my two new rescue kitties, but unlike yours, they stop posing as soon as the camera comes out.

Doodle and Pooh on the other hand seem to be little camera hogs.
Thank you. I needed a big dose of "Awwwwwwwwwwww!" today.
Really Lovely!!
This is Mota:

And her 2 sons Johny (Walker, also Johny the Cat with a Baseball Bat) and Ewok:

He's adorable! The one named Ewok got his name because he looked like one as a kitten. Here's the evidence:

I'd say little Ewok is aptly named ... and well on his way to developing his own superior mind-control powers.
I'm pretty sure that if you entered this photo of Ewok in any cat/kitten photo contests, you'd win a prize. Kitten photos often win, especially in locally sponsored amateur events.
I see what you mean. Great coloration!
Did you knit wee Mota a cap? I love how it has openings for her ears.

I know how the biology behind cats having different coloured kittens than themselves works, but I still find it amazing that Johny and Ewok look so different than their mom.
I've crocheted both that cap and a wizard's hat for them. Unfortunately, they don't appreciate them as much as I do!




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