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Little Ibis
Too beautiful to be real! Seriously, Ibis probably has mind control powers. Looks right into your eyes, preens, and goes "Am I not adorable? Yes? Then I think I need fresh salmon. And belly rubs. Definitely belly rubs. Go on, human, that salmon is not going to catch itself."
I concur. Ibis supports my theory that cats are higher beings from another planet, here on a recon mission and occasionally using their superior mind control skills to lure us into giving them extra treats and belly rubs.
These observations are, of course, completely true. Ibis is unique. Extraordinarily sweet, but capable of causing me or my wife to act like idiots trying to please her.

She is a rescue kitty, and her little head tilt is a result of a bad ear mite infection when we found her. She was pretty ratty looking at the time, but look at what she turned into! And she really is that beautiful.
Mota is a rescue kitten too! I got her from my friend's backyard as a ~6 month old. My lab is on top of an animal hospital so I immediately took her in for a checkup and shots, and made an appointment for spaying. Meanwhile, although I was feeding her adequately she started getting fatter and fatter. And then the day of spaying arrived, and the vets discovered the kitten was pretty advanced in her pregnancy and that she would have 5 kittens! So I canceled the spaying and prepared for having more kittens. Mota was like a kitteh nesting doll, lol.


Sounds like fate that Mota would bring you Johny and Ewok.

When it was getting close to time to get my two spayed they started finding ways outside for the first time. I figured, "They're getting spayed in a week. What the hell." Turned out one of them did get knocked up but only by a few days, so she had a little kitty abortion. Uh-oh, call Operation Rescue...
Won't someone think of the kittehs?! ;)
Check out the book "Starkaat". Well, maybe just look it up online, as it's a children's book. Other people have the same theory about cats.

I don't know how you people give your cats belly rubs. eKeetzen would fillet any hand that comes close to her underside.
Interesting variations on liking/not liking belly rubs.

Mine that I raised from kittens were raised with lots of vigorous belly rubbing and I suppose they love it because they've grown up with it (lots of begging me for more!). One of my rescue cats takes all kinds of petting from gentle to play-rough-housing, but she'll let me know when she's not in the mood. The other rescue cat used to hate being turned over on his back but is starting to like it now the more he trusts me. He's 6 or 7 years old, so has had plenty of time to develop his likes and dislikes.

Like you guys say - some of them do need a gentler touch.
Ooh, lovely! Is she deaf?
She hears very well. No health problems other than the head tilt, and not great balance. And she is not very keen on belly rubs, no matter how gentle. She thinks this is an invitation to play bite the hand!
Lupie's a gorgeous guy.




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