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It's like he has a rocker tux, I love it!
Ms. Difficult, these photos of yourself and former ferals are really touching. I admire your mission with these cats.
Second that. One of my sisters was quite fond of adopting rescue dogs with social issues. Within a year she'd have them completely re-socialized.

Cats are even harder than dogs. Great work!
Cats are happiest when laying on their pets!


Awwww! I've had one or two who saw me as a handy Jungle Gym.

Of course in this particular pose, I believe the challenge is, "Rise and disturb me hu-man, and I shall hunt you through the ends of time."
I'm convinced that my purpose in life is to be cat furniture. I noticed that your resident has her/his laser eyes charged.
Big cat - good thing Lane is a big guy!

My little 5 pound Siamese likes to ride on shoulders. The broader the shoulder the more she loves it.

Has Lane thusly learned to wear thick-fabric material? Or has Lupe learned to retract the claws?
Fingus, supervising my web activities,
she came out of a culvert 11yrs ago at about 3weeks old.
I pulled feral kittens out of that culvert for 4 years before I finally trapped mom and had her spayed and released.

I love this photo, and what a great story!
He looks so comfortable!
I love the expressions on their faces in 042.jpg!

I once named a cat C2M2 (I was obsessed with Star Wars at the time), because we had two male cats. He was cat number two, male number two. I would never do that now.




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