Post (& download) your atheist 'christmas' cards here!

Please find attached my atheist 'christmas'/seasonal card for this year. It's my take on 'The Nativity'...

To download just click on the image then right click and select 'save image as'.

If you have any atheist seasonal greetings or card please post them below!

Like many atheists I can separate the traditional winter festivity that brings together family, friends and fine food from its christian connotations.

Note that I didn't say 'christian origins' - after all,  the 25th of December was as significant for followers of Attis, Horus, Tammuz, Mithras (whose birth was attended by 3 wise men), Osiris, and Dionysus (whose births were also prophesised by a star).

Virgin births also seem to have been quite common place in the ancient world.

And most of everything else seems to have been pilfered from other pagan rituals and festivals. Let's face it, though many christians want to put the 'christ back into christmas', christianity really is just an ingratiating, syncretic hotchpotch of other mythologies' cast-offs... ;)

Anyway, here's this year's seasonal card. And below that, last year's.

Seasonal greetings to all you atheists, thinkers, rationalists, and to those who are awed by our universe and our humble place in it!


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cool discussion -- let me get some pics

Nice - thanks!

Wow, I love these!  Anyone have any suggestions for an inconspicuous card to send to the religious folk?   




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