Hey, have any of you heard of this? It seems like a poor attempt to say "reality is whatever I want it to be." At the same time he tries to say that there is an independent and objective reality...which is a contradiction....



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I didn't read the article. I'm just pointing out that from a personal perspective, which is all any of us have, reality sure seems to work whatever way you want to look at it regardless of objective reality. Just look at xtianity. They sure seem convinced that reality works the one way and I've had a hard time convincing them otherwise. And yet many of them manage to make it through life just fine. We all know that reality doesn't work in the xtian way and yet they continue to navigate reality as if it does. It would only be a contradiction if it didn't seem to be so true.


There is an objective reality. The nature of your mind does not limit your worldview to just one reality.

What's the problem with that? If it works...

After reading the article I feel like this person is only saying that everyone is correct in thinking that their worldview is correct since from their own point of view it is. The problem with everyone's worldview is that most do not make room for others. There is a point at which you feel inclined to say that if yours is right, mine is wrong and vice versa. I do not believe that post-foundationalism is anything new. It is just enough in the middle of the road philosophically that it says nothing at all. Another sad person who wishes we would all just get along. If only we had a way to identify with each other... sigh. I say let's get objective reality right first before we go off on tangents.


Regarding the article's conclusions: The rational and/or cohesive nature of someone's worldview that believes that killing oneself is ok so long as you take some enemies with you is bullshit from my worldview. I will always equate stupid with stupidity and evil with evil acts. Whether your worldview is valid has a lot to do with whether my worldview is allowed in yours and vice versa.


All that said, I stand by my previous conclusion. From a subjective perspective; If it works...


p.s.- it's weird that this post appears above my first post below...hmmm



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