I've seen pictures and articles on atheist nexus that other members have posted. How do I do that ?

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It's pretty easy, Anthony.  My practice is to cut and paste the first couple paragraphs of the article as introduction, then say, "Read the rest here."  Then highlight "here," click on the LINK button at the top of the editing window and insert the URL for what you want to refer to.  As an example, I used the URL for this post in my link above.

Pictures and video are also pretty easy to do.  The next button after LINK is for pictures, either from your own computer or a link to one elsewhere on the web.  The one after that is for video.  Most videos have the means of giving you the "embed code" to put them on another page.  Copy that code, locate where you want to put it in your own post, click on the video button in the editing header, then paste the embed code in.

Easy as 3.1415926535897...


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