How do I give a message of bravo or support for a partcular group whilst not being a meber of that site. The reason I ask is because I would have liked to have given a cheer to the Atheists who were Moslems site but feel unqualified. We know well whilst it is usually easier for xtians to leave their religion and understand fully the death sentences for apostay within the islamic religion.

However it would feel disingenuous to join the site just to show support, being brought up among xtians I feel qualified in at least an abstract sense to comment and therefore have an opinion, an opinion from within so to speak. With not being raised in a Muslim community although I feel qualified to comment from without, for I view the Abrahamic religions as a political triumvirate involving all three monoliths. In that they effect us all.

So how do I therefore send a message of support without joining the sight for it's a braver thing than we do, perhaps that is what i am saying to the whole site. They are coming out of the Dark Ages we came through centuries ago. We too have been burnt at the stake and murdered in unmentionable and awful ways. We too were held under threat of death for apostay, or for anything really, it's like that when you're under the heel of tyranny.

So we whinge on in our soft-liberalish self-indulgent, and i've done it myself, ways about how difficult it is to leave faith forgetting that Muslims that jpin this site seriously physically endanger themselves up to the point of death. 

I just wanted to give them a big up is all, i think we all should.


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I'd say join the group, post your cheers and support, then leave if it's that big of a conviction, or join the group, post your cheers and stay in it to show your continued support. I highly doubt they would be offended at you wishing to show them praise and support by sticking around to chat etc.
If it's a site, there should be a way to email the webmaster. Look for a contact us link.
I think David's talking about the "Atheists who were Muslims" group here on Atheist Nexus.

David, well wishers are welcome to join that group.


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