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If the Rapture does come on Saturday, my kids will be disappointed, they have a picnic planned with their Xain cousins they've been looking forward to for two weeks.  They may be "predestined" for disappointment as the weather forecast is calling for rain in hell.  I mean rain and hail.  Hee hee.
Even though mainstream xtians aren't buying it, it doesn't make them credible. I love to ask questions about the rapture that's not going to happen on may 21; it doesn't take long for them to get all twisted up.

Yeah, it is kind of funny how so many Christians are willing to say the May 21st rapture is ridiculous, but still believe in the rapture. What exactly makes it ridiculous on one day and not on the next?


It's almost as if they see everything as perfectly plausible when it happens a long time ago (burning bushes, talking snakes) or way in the future (dead rising, people disappearing). But if anyone says that something like this is happening today, almost every Christian will say they are crazy. No, miracles in these times are completely uninteresting events like someone's car starting or not starting.

The really funny thing is that most evangelical Christians will say that we are living in the "end times" and that Jesus is coming back "soon".  The recent earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc. are surely a sign that the end of days is coming, according to these people. 


As a song by The Doors says, "the future's uncertain and the end is always near".

Here's a very interesting (yet profoundly disturbing) article from the NY Times on how the "imminent" Rapture has affected a family where the kids don't believe the prophecy and the parents do: (please excuse the mobile site; on my phone and too lazy to find the normal article.)


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