He  is everywhere, in the Heavens and Earth.

He makes the stars shine, yet He cannot be seen.

He is noble, abundant, and fills the universe.

He can lift you into the sky and bring you gently down.

He can take many forms.

He can help heal, and He can help kill.

He can help create, and He can help destroy.

Praise be unto He.


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Helium is so far superior to hot air! All hail!

Except that He is more like the ashes of the star fires, and the making of life.  H makes the stars shine ... by being fused into He.

and He is fused into carbon (C) and other elements, and became us. 

Ha! Clever!

Oops, sorry about that- figured it was too perfect not to have been posted before, but figured if it were, a repeat post wouldn't be the worst thing.

Luara- I guess that H, C and He make up the Scientific Trinity of sorts. (That's the feeble excuse the religionists give when trying to explain who was nailed to the cross- if Jesus were in fact God, did God give birth to himself only to get himself killed? xtians claim that "God" is like water, taking the form of ice and steam as well......I only learned this recently.)


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