So i meant this title as a satrical allagory to a real problom I have with religeon. (and hoping this is a proper forum post and not best a blog).

My Mother has Lupus (a disease that causes her own immune system to attack itself) and I have in my adulthood, come to terms with this as just a fact of life and a fact that could be much worse considering the circumstances. I however, HATE when I here anyone say "well god has his hand there" and my favourite "he will never give you more than you can handle".

Isn't that an interesting statement? "he'll never give us more than we can handle"...well that's presuming alot so i suppose 'god' could do that...but isn't that still kind of a dick move? I mean what? He'll give us just enough to make us reach the breaking point? In order to make us rely on him? That would be like I don't know, torture?

My contention lies with folks that beleive so strongly that in the face of obvious contradictions with there own god concept would even find comfort in "praise god my house still stands". Oh and i'm an ex christian school kid (12 years, family is evangelical) so I know the job thing, how is that not effed up? I mean god had a bet with satan?! lol?

What really gets me pissed off is that they find some divine purpose for exscusing theire own god's behaviour. I'm often asked what I would do if I was ever to meet god (usually the judeo-christian one) and I answer "spit in his eye".

Harsh, but I feel any suffering is Inexcusable. Period. Dot.



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Each and every one of us will eventually succumb to something more than we can handle.  It could be disease, despair or simply time, but in any case it will be more of something than our bodies can handle.

If a ton of bibles were dropped on a Christian, then that would certainly be more scripture than that person could handle!


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