The Christians have declared April "Pray for an Atheist" month, and a lot of atheists seem pretty bent out of shape about it.  Apparently there were some rude comments on the Facebook page.

I have a different idea: Why not have them all pray for one atheist?  If one person's prayers can change one atheist, they could all gang up on me, and surely that would work!  Do they take themselves seriously?  We'll see.


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We can also claim that they are insulting our atheism and insulting us.
Works for them whenever we do/say something they don't agree with, right?
Thanks for volunteering!

I don't care if they pray for me, though. They can pray till the cows come home. Getting upset would imply that I think their prayer does anything. Anyway, maybe all that time praying will take away from time protesting abortion or something.
Atheists could make April "Actually do something instead of uselessly wishing for it month".

Doesn't roll of the tongue though...
Think for a Christian month.
Wow, you've just reminded me of a crude saying my step-father used to jokingly tell us kids: "Why don't you shit in one hand and hope in the other and see which one fills up first"! I had forgotten all about that and now I know what he meant! Ha!
I would recommend making April "Give an Atheist $5" month.
LOL... meta analysis of the most well designed studies over the past 50 years shows that prayer has ZERO affect on external reality.
Oh yeah, in the article I read it mentioned starting on April Fools day. You know, because we are all fools...
Thanks for volunteering to be a human shield. I hope it works.

Actually, it's not a bad idea. To test the power of prayer, if (neutral) christians could be persuaded to all pray for one particular individual or team in any chosen high-profile sporting event, surely that would be proof positive of the effect of the power of prayer. A narrow victory wouldn't count as it would leave too much open to misinterpretation. Just pick an event far enough in advance, then ask god to prove himself once and for all by giving one team an overwhelming victory.

Now if christians could do that for the month of April, announce it in advance and achieve a quantifiable success, I'd go along with it. Surely that's got to be a whole lot easier to do that manifest your son as a human, go through a few fairly nondescript infant and adolescent years before getting the opportunity to prove he's not human by helping everyone to get drunk at a wedding.

go for it jesus.
For those of you wondering about why start today (April 1), remember the famous quote from Psalms 14:1? "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'" So April Fools Day is being assigned to Atheists by all the Christians! Pretty funny.

There are a couple good blogs about this: Austin Cline and Atheist Revolution. Basically, the verse doesn't say what Christians thing it says, and besides that, the Bible warns that calling someone a fool gets you in trouble.

Personally, I'm with those of you who say, "Who cares?" Christians can pray all they like, it's no skin off my nose.




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