Even back when i was a believer, i asked myself "why pray, the damage is done?" So all these southerners are asking for our prayers. I don't know the latest count on the number that are dead and missing, but I'm trying to understand what they are praying for. God just fucked them up real good. If they believe that god can save them from a tornado, why don't they believe that god killed the others with a tornado? If someone is found in the rubble, they'll say it was because of the prayers. If God is responsible, then he should be cursed out, right? It's very hard and sad to watch this from the other side (a non believer). So i guess the survivors won the lotto, and the dead didn't have the right numbers. I guess they are thanking God for picking them. Ahhh, frustrating. They never talk about the flip side. That translates to "Thank You God for killing them, and not me. Thank You for steering the tornado to their house, and not mine". Gee Whiz. Hold god  accountable. Somebody, please.

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The praying public have no logic to their case.

Whatever happens, those who are 'saved' are saved because "Goddidit."

They rarely claim with regard to those who died that "God also did it."


A friend of mine on another board said it wonderfully:


When we thank God for personally saving us from tragedy, we are admitting that he purposefully let other people suffer from it.

Reminds of an airline crash several months ago, where 1 child, out of 100+ passengers, was the only one to live. Bill Maher put it best. Since god is responsible for everything, it really wan't a miracle that the child survived. It was more analogous to god blowing a no-hitter in the bottom of the 9th.
Bart Erhman's book God's Problem really points this very thing out. It's perplexing that people don't see it. Though faith has a habit of making it so that you don't see a lot of things.
They don't want to see through it. They are perfectly happy in the belief set that rewards them with a justification to hate people.
As someone who who tries to see sence, logic and reason in everyone's actions and motives (just a little anyway), I am generaly rather perplexed by this as well.

It makes just the tiniest bit of sence, assuming theism, to pray that the survivors of some catastrophe suffer the least, like with Katrina, life continued to be rather tenuous for some time after. Tornadoes tho, are like plane crashes tho, aren't they? After the calamity the suffering is over. So praying after the fact doesn't make much sence at all.
Sometimes, I think praying is what people do when they don't know what else to do.  God must have a real grudge against people who live in trailer parks.  Although, they probably have committed fewer moral transgressions than in the average Hollywood mansion, those poor folks in trailer parks get wiped out every time.
As a former Christian for 30+ years, the general idea is to ask God for strength and perseverance for those left living, and to ask God for mercy for the souls of the dead. I'm in LaGrange, GA. One tornado passed less than a mile for the little tin can trailer we live in. We were without power for 12 hours...tres and power poles snapped like toothpicks, at least a couple of houses around here burned. No, the praying makes no sense at all. Most people in the world are genuinely insane. I am not the slightest bit "thankful" to any imaginary creature that I was not smashed. It's just a case of shit happens...no more, no less.
  Yes!  (in a nutshell): "Please God, change the universe so that all natural law works out to my benefit and not to anyone else's.  God is good. Amen." 
I just don't understand this.  It frustrates me to the point of anger.  I don't know why I feel this frustration.  I've always been someone that 'thinks too much' and I just don't understand the logic (or lack thereof).  As my husband and I were watching the news reports we were watching all these people saying, "I just jumped in the bathtub, etc. and prayed--god save us."  Well, what?  This woman and her son were saved, yet 6 other members of her family were killed.  She said god saved her and her son, but didn't say anything about the other members of her family.  My husband, who was raised in a very strict southern christian family, said, "well, god saved them and called the others home because he needed them--that is the logic they use."  So no matter what happens they have an out.  It just drives me batty.




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