Pray on the Nat'l Day of Prayer America ...or feel God's wrath!

Divine threat video from the National Day of Prayer Task Force... A must-see.



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It's on YouTube. It's been forwarded to many Christian websites. It's making the rounds of the religious right blogosphere, etc., etc.
Religion is one big exercise in extortion. "Do as I say or else your gonna get tortured for eternity!"
I threw up in my mouth a little bit......  I don't know what's worse.  How obviously absurd this whole thing is, or that there are so many people that actually believe this incredibly absurd thing.  I mean really, if they did believe this bewel she-ut, shouldn't they feel at least a little dirty, for giving in to the demands of a terrorist?  I mean we are Americans.....we aren't supposed to yield to terrorists!  Oh wait....different story if the terrorist is god.....  guess I'll hold my nose...YET AGAIN....
I say we not take any chances and go straight to animal sacrifice. If it appeased god before, it can appease god now. XD
Wow, god says I don't get any candy because I didn't pray before dinner.   I'm shaking in my boots.

Remember, if you pray on May 5th, the National Day of Prayer, maybe we can avoid the end of the world predicted for May 21st:


This just seems incredibly desperate.
You gotta wonder what kind of skeletons are in the closets of the people who created that ad.

 You do indeed...So when nothing happens to America,they will pat eacah other on the backs for changing god's mind.

 These people are getting flakier and flakier!




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