Recently I was engaged in a discussion with a few Christians. Being the Non-Believer that I am I was informed that the person said a prayer for me. This was my response. I wouldn't mind hearing other Atheists viewpoints on prayer.

While I appreciate the prayer, I've concluded that prayer merely serves the person praying and has no effect on the person receiving the prayer, which again begs the question, can a person really receive a prayer? I don't believe so. But like this thread started in the beginning, "if it works for you", if it makes you feel better then have at it.

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I just tell them not to waste a prayer on me. Even if Sky daddy hears you he's not gonna do anything for me
I equate prayer to black magic. They are desiring to engage supernatural agents to influence your life without your knowledge or consent. Here's a couple of pics you can give them -

the Daniel Dennett response: "Did you also sacrifice a goat?"
Ha! Daniel Dennett is great. I have the 'Atheist Tapes' DVD. Highly recommend it.
Oddly, I find myself reminded of the character Pedro Cerrano in Major League:

I'm pissed off now, Jobu. Look, I go to you. I stick up for you. You don't help me now. I say "Fuck you," Jobu, I do it myself.

"I do it myself." Gee whiz, what a concept. Then again ... maybe his teammates SHOULD have used a live chicken!
What I hate more than the prayer is the response that they "feel bad for you". What is that? Recently a friend of mine said this referring to my husband "I just feel bad for him for feeling that way" when my husband made a joke about the Bible (we were playing Catch Phrase and he said "book of lies" to get others to guess The Bible) at a party. Everyone got the answer! Anyway, it really pisses me off when people say that. Needless to say, this friend is no longer a friend.
I also love the, "Have you found Jesus?" My response is usually, "What? Did you guys lose him?" that always brings the response "No I've found Jesus" My response, "Then why in hell are you asking me if I found him when you already have?"
Ha! Ha! "Book of lies!" That's awesome!
LOL made my day
There's even a prayer bank. I wonder if they have ATM's?

Even Prayer booths:

In addition to Felch's photo's, there's the classic:

Sums it up for me.
PRAYER BOOTH? Shit, I thought they were urinals - my bad.
FOR REAL?! Thats crazy. I wonder if they exist in America. (Looks British, so I don't even know.)


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