When i was in high school, and first became an atheist, prayer was everywhere.

We were FORCED, once during rehearsal (i was in marching band) before a game, once with the football team, and once after we were FORCED to play amazing grace after the game...

What was i suppose to do? no one else in band was an atheist like me. Only 2 girls in drum line knew i was an atheist and even they looked at my with the look that said "I'm sorry"

and i always said the same thing...every time...i'm use to it

after being irritated for 2 years, i said enough! i spoke to the football coach after the prayer....but of course it didn't end well. 

when i spoke up and said something, the coach asked me if i was a christian. i said no, and he treated to call my parents (who didn't know i was an atheist) and tell them what i said.

i knew it was illegal, and i know i could have went to someone but EVERYONE WAS AGAINST ME

NEVER in my life have i felt so completely and totally exiled.

i knew if my parent's were called, that i would get in trouble...

last time i even questioned the bible to my parents, they started crying and raged out on me.

out of fear i apologized for saying That i'm not a christian, lied and said i didn't mean it.

now more and more people are having these kind of problems and needs to be stopped!

i wanted to share this story to make a discussion on how to permanently get rid of ALL religion 

from school.

not just prayer, but bible handouts, bullying, etc...

So tell me what you think.

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FORCED to pray?  FORCED to play Amazing Grace?

Andrew may I heartily suggest you give a shout to the Legal Department of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  They have handled numerous cases of this sort ... and it sounds suspiciously as though that school needs a wake-up call.

You want to get your school shut of religion?  There's a place to start.

I absolutely will! honestly, all they would need to do is go to any home football game and they will see it for themselves...its that easy

P.S when i mean "Forced" i mean Literally, if you didn't play amazing grace for the other team after the end of every game, you not only got a bad grade, you were more than likely kicked off of band.


It's hard being isolated and the lone - anything - in a group.  Especially in school, family, and workplace.  Hang in there.  Eventually everyone finds their niche.  We find friends, associates, environments, that help it go better. 

The number of nontheist and nonreligious people grows every day.  Religion is fantasy - they are the ones who are deluded.  They try to bully and harass when they can, probably because deep down inside, they really know they are wrong.

I also agree with Loren - the FFAF is good to know about.  Regardless of whether you contact them in this situation, it's good to know that they handle situations like yours every day, all around the country.  And the harassers - they lose.

Thanks for the advice, i really truly appreciate it! i just graduated recently and am in college now, but even now people who i know who go to the school are having problems like this and there not even in band, or on the football team. I personally am fine, but its for the few that can defend themselves.

Glad you made it out of that environment.  Now the adventure begins.  Life can take you so many places.  Congrats to you!

I agree with you, those practices need to be stopped.  Strangely, it's unchristian of the administrators and teachers to discriminate against people who have different points of view.

cool! heck yes! Liberty!

In the public schools in Cincinnati I attended there were no prayers and no bible readings. They were eliminated in the late nineteenth century as a result of a lawsuit by Catholic parents who object to the use of the Protestant bible in the schools. (There were not as many parochial schools at that time.) The case was decided in their favor and resulted in the ban of all bible reading and prayers in the public school system of a conservative city. (Cincinnati was so conservative that there was no Democratic party at the city level. They were call Charterites, but we all knew they were Democrats.)

The whole school prayer thing was a complete puzzle to me when it was brought up by Madalyn Murray O'Hair.

It's amazing even to this day how many fundies want to "put prayer back in school where it belongs." I've heard this crap my entire life and it is beyond belief. This was always the counter argument against the efforts of Madalyn Murray O'Hair way before I understood what it was all about.

I suppose that if prayer was in our schools you could pray for god to cause you to pass the big exam while at the same time he could cause that frigging Johnny to fail. Maybe you could pray for Suzie to like you as well.

But, you CAN do that.  The school just can't lead in you in that prayer.


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