My school just had it's 3rd annual "Prayer at the pole." Apparently it's a nation wide program sponsored by various american churches in which christian students will gather outside at the flag pole about 30 minutes before classes begin and make prayers and sing hymns. I can't speak for all of the movements, but i was disturbed by what i saw. Non christians like me and especially the Muslims were encouraged to take part in the activity and if someone declined they were badgered for the remainder of the event. I don't have a problem with a display of faith, but i don't think that a public school is an appropriate location. I also felt threatened by their continued attempts at getting me to join. I have considered protesting this, but i only know one other person who agrees with me and i am admittedly afraid of the repercussions of making my atheism public. So yeah, do any of you guys know anything about this? What are your opinions? Any ideas of how i should proceed?

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