First time hearing about this case.  It just blows my mind how metally ill many belivers can be.

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kinda old news.  but yeah, it boggles the mind.  the power of religion to delude is shocking.  

god take away everything for them... and they'r[e ok w/that.. subjigation from their shepard$ inc.~
chinese chese stink w/lysteria.. anyhew

check this!

Kind of an unusual sentence?  "They faced up to 25 years in prison, but a judge instead ordered them to serve a month in jail every year for six years, with one parent serving every March and the other every September."

Tragic loss of a young girl from religious BS.  The parents wanted god to cure her and thought god would bring her back.  Do they now doubt their faith?  God failed them miserably.  Will they teach to others, "Don't leave your children's health up to fictional deities"?

Unfortunately, no. They won't doubt their faith. The next fairy tale they'll rely on is that it was "God's will." And knowing the will of god is
beyond human comprehension. Of course, they'll fail realize the contradiction of saying it's "God's will" and then saying you can't know the will of god. If pointed out, they'll come back with some other nonsense fairy tale such as "God wanted another angel" or some such other horse shit. In the meantime, more children will suffer, have debilitating conditions, and needlessly die, all in the name of their invisible magic man.

"Dale Neumann testified that the possibility of death never entered their minds. After the girl died, Leilani Neumann told police God would raise Kara from the dead."

Entering those 'minds' seems a pretty high bar.  Thing is, these people are probably not as stupid as they seem.  Anyone capable of surviving to procreate probably has to insert some serious delusion between reality and their worldview in order to act as if spells and witch doctors are credible ways of taking care of their children.





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