Prayer group claims credit for abortion clinic closing after doctor gets leukemia

The Fayetteville Women's Clinic has been a fixture in this northwest Arkansas community for 30 years. While the clinic's main business is obstetrics and gynecology, it also performs 700-800 abortions a year and is one of only two locations in the state where a surgical abortion can be obtained.
On Friday (August 6), the clinic closed it's doors for the last time.
The reason is that the doctor who runs it has been diagnosed with leukemia nd has to save his strength for fighting the disease.
An anti-abortion group is crediting God and it's prayers for the closure.
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Nice bunch of people to pray that someone gets cancer.
Pretty amazing. An omniscient, omnipotent bad-tempered voyeur who takes 30 years to act against something that's supposedly very important to it, and this group actually thinks that it's something to be crowing about?
You know lots of theists are going to take credit if Hitchens dies of cancer.
People have already come up to him and told him he got his just desserts.
Sure he did Jerry Falwell and Oral Roberts!
Hey god created leukemia , he has it trade marked, so i guess he gets to use it any which way he pleases , including giving it to doctors, though as a theist i would have accepted something a bit more grand from the creator of the universe, like a fire tornado destroying the clinic, or maybe flying skulls descending on the medical staff and eating their faces
I'd think that that "as a theist" was meant more in the sense of "if you're a theist, you'd want something more substantial."
That's how I read it as well.
How lovely and warm these sweet hearted christians..... NOT!

Hopefully the doctor will get better and continue his work or maybe someone else can carry on the task of helping these women.
Hey, if what they say is true they all need to be locked up in prison for attempted murder...right?
You'd think.
To me it has always been a church-state separation issue. The state shouldn't be taking a position on whether or not prayer can be used to call a god to smite someone. All the government knows is that there are a group of terrorists doing something they think will work to kill someone. The fact that the government isn't acting is a sign that the government doesn't think prayer works...and is in fact taking a position that prayer fails.

Yet at the same time, the government tries to play the "we can't judge prayer" when children die due to lack of medical care...which is something the government can judge. The government can't and shouldn't say "don't pray for your kid to get better" but the government can say "reasonable parents use medicine at the least."




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